Borx O' Fire Egg Cure

Trout Bait & Salmon Bait

Better the temptation of any lure with the bewitching taste of Pautzke Borx O' Fire Egg Cure.

Transform salmon and steelhead roe from your latest catch into irresistible bait with a cure that combines time- honored technique and cutting edge science. Originally developed by Dad Pautzke more than 70 years ago and still prized for its effectiveness, this borax curing formula infuses eggs with light-catching color, field-proven secret seasonings and Pautzke's innovative krill attractant, which delivers strike-triggering scent and potent natural flavor. Large 28-oz. jar for curing large batches and saving money throughout the season. Size: 28 oz. Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Natural.

Prices from $8.99