With more than 10,000 miles of water of its 5,640 rivers and streams, the State of Georgia offers more than its fair share of freshwater fishing opportunities. In all, Georgia boasts 795 freshwater lakes, and many more opportunities to fish both freshwater and saltwater fishing to its residents and visitors.

Georgia Fishing Regulations

The State of Georgia states:

  • Fishermen may not take more than 50 individual fish in one day, with the exception of channel catfish, and flathead catfish
  • Fishermen may not continue to fish for species once their daily limit for that species has been reached
  • Daily limit by species:
    • Bass are limited to 10/day
    • Catfish has no daily limit
    • Crappie are limited to 30/day
    • Sunfish are limited to 50/day
    • Trout are limited to 8/day
    • Walleye are limited to 8/day
  • Length limits apply for some species – please check Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations for specifics

Fishing License Period

Georgia fishing licenses are available as:

  • 1-day fishing licenses (with the ability to add a day if needed)
  • Annual fishing licenses
  • 3-Year fishing licenses
  • Lifetime fishing licenses

Extra Licensing Fees

Georgia requires a separate fishing license for trout fishing.

Free Or Reduced Fee Georgia Fishing Licenses

The State of Georgia offers free fishing licenses or reduced fishing licenses for :

  • Fishermen over the age of 68 (note: a fishing license is required in this case, but it will be provided free of charge)
  • Georgia residents who are permanently and completely disabled may obtain a discounted disability license
  • Any Georgia resident who is legally blind may apply for a lifetime fishing license

Georgia Fishing Licenses Are NOT Required For

  • Fishermen under the age of 16, whether they are Georgia residents or not
  • Fishermen fishing in private ponds (does not include government owned property)
  • Fishermen fishing on their own private land, or their immediate family

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