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Red Frog Team

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Red Frog provides elite tactical training to military, law enforcement, armed security, and civilians. Red Frog teach everything from beginner to advanced training courses including: pistol courses, rifle courses, night vision and laser devices, every day concealed carry tactics, and scenario based training.Red Frog's lead instructor is Garrick Fernbaugh who is a former Navy SEAL, having spent 20 years in the US Navy. During the course of his career he was a member of SEAL Teams 3 and 5, and served a tour as a Navy SEAL Instructor. Upon transitioning from the Navy he began contracting overseas, Fern continued that work for nearly seven years before launching Red Frog in 2015. Garrick supervised the SEAL Instructor staff and students during numerous high risk training advancements, ensuring safety standards and training objectives were consistently met. Garrick earned his Master Training Specialist certification which qualified him to design, implement and maintain tactical training curriculum. Garrick created and implemented several training courses which focused on ambushing, raids, special reconnaissance, firearm training, and an extensive land navigation course.

Red Frog Team Location

13050 SW Tonquin Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140

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