The Uni Knot is one of the most popular knots in fishing, believed by many to be the most useful fishing knot because of it’s potential to work with many lines, and many connections. It is a strong fishing knot, it’s easy to tie, and it can be used in many different situations making it a really good knot to know and a really good knot to teach young kids who are getting the fishing because they’ll be able to use it often and for many years to come.  

Part 1: Connect Mono Line to Hook

First step is to go straight through the eye of the hook.

Overlap the Lines

Overlap the two lines and take the tag end over to the right, which is the same direction that our leader is facing. Get about 6 inches of line out here to give us 6 inches of overlap. Pull it fairly tight, and then lock in with your left-hand. Lock in the two lines together so that we can let go of the leader and the tag and. They’ll both just be hanging out headed toward the right.

Now that we have these lines in place here with our left hand, we’re going to now curve the leader up and place it in that same finger just to hold it tight and secure. Once we have it all cinched down and secured you’ll see the tag end loop, which is just the tag end of the line is looping around going out the top. Notice I did the loop in front of the double line so we’re going to go ahead and secure it again.  

Now that we have it in place, the next step is to then take the tag end, and we’re going to wrap a round at this double line. We are going to go from behind, and then through this loop that we created 5 times. The easiest way to do that is to keep your left hand holding the two lines together and with my right hand I’m going to cinch down on the other side so that we can then use our index finger and thumb to thread it through. 

Remember: Line Direction Matters

As you saw the video, we made the loop, and then wrapped the leader line around the loop. It’s very important that all those wraps are going in the same direction toward the tag so every one of the wraps are moving from left to right toward the tag.

Tighten the Knot

At this point, we can now pull on the tag end – pull with a steady pace to slowly cinch those lines down. Now that we have it finger tight it‘s clear that we basically formed a big loop right above the hook, and then at the top of the loop is this uni knot that we created, which in reality this is just a big slip knot. 

What we’re going to do is we’re going to get a good hold of the main part of the line, and then grab the hook and start pulling. You’ll see that the knot will slide down to eventually hit the top of the hook where it will form a nice compact group of coils.

Pull as tight as you can at this point to get the knot locked in with nice tight coils in there.

Cut the Tag End

The last step is to cut off the tag end.Leader Assembly

Now that we have our hook connected we need to make our line to line knot to connect to our main line. We’re going to pull out the desired amount of mono, then cut to be the top of our leader. Next, I’ll bring in some braids to do the line to line connection to complete our leader assembly.

Part 2: Overlap the Lines (Again)

Instead of Step 1 as we did before, when all we did was go through the eye of the hook, we’ll have the main line which (yellow braid in this case), pointed one way with the leader pointing the other way to create an overlap.  When starting out you probably need to err on the long side with 6 to 7 inches of overlap but if you’re just getting started with this knot, use 8 to 10 inches. 

Next, we’re going to grab with the left hand in the middle of those overlaps and then we can let go of everything so you can see now we have this mono line tag end hanging out toward the right just as we had before when we were doing the hook, and we’re going to make this loop. This is a similar situation as before where we have this the tag end that forms a loop with a double line at the very top of it. We’re going to do exactly what we did before, whereby we’re going to have this tag and go through this loop which is wrapping around this doubled line 5 times.

Same as before, we want to be certain that all these coils are going in the same direction – heading towards the right. Once we have that formed, go ahead and pull the knot finger tight to be sure that is not going to go anywhere.

Now we’re going to pinch down with our right hand right on top of the knot – directly on top of the knot – and we have our braid end sticking out toward the left along with our leader going down to the hook that we created earlier.

Braid Around the Leader

Now, we’re going to tie the uni knot with the braids around the leader. We’re basically going to do exactly what we did before but it’s now in the opposite direction, meaning that now we do it with the loop heading in the opposite direction. We just created the loop with the braid, and now we have at the very top a double braid and mono. 

Wrap 10 Times for Braid

Now, with the tag end that’s pointing up (the tag end of the braid) we’re going to go around the doubled line like we did before but given that braided line is much more slick than mono, instead of going through it 5 times we’re going to go through it 10 times. It’s recommended to use a longer tag end sticking up so we can do this. We’re going to go  10 times through the circle. 

Make sure that every single one of these wraps are going in the same direction with no overlaps and in the same direction as the tag end.

Tighten the Knot

Now that we have all 10 wraps complete we’re going to grab onto the tag end and pull these tight. These will form into  nice little coils.

With this finger tight, we now have these two Uni knots tied on this one strand – on the left side is the braid that is wrapped around the leader; and then on this right side we have the leader line that is wrapped around the braids. And again, both of these are essentially slip knots.

What we need to do now is we can let go of the tags, and with a good hold of both sides, pull them tight. As they slip in they’re going to hit each other 

The good thing about this knot is that it can be used to connect any type or size lines. Bear in mind that if you’re using a braid instead of doing the standard the standard 5 wraps is to do 10 wraps. 

Cut the Mono and Braid Tag Ends

And finally, it’s time to cut the tags off – cut them nice and close and there is the completed Double Uni knot. As you saw it is basically the exact same thing as the union knot just done twice and with this one single knot we now have a complete leader assembly with the Line to Line knot as you saw here with braids to the to the leader going back down all the way to the hook which has the traditional uni knot directly on the hook.