The improved clinch knot is one of the most used fishing knots there is given its considerable strength, and how simple it is to tie. Join us as we walk you through the process of mastering the Improved Clinch Knot. 

For this example, we’re using a braided line so we’ll make some adjustments to the typical improved clinch knot. We’ll discuss the differences as we go. 

Tying the Improved Clinch Knot

Begin by going through the hook eye. For the braided line I recommend going through twice – go through that eye two times to strengthen the knot a little bit more. The braided fishing line is much more slippery than mono fishing line, so we highly recommend going through twice. When you go through the second time be careful that the second loop that stays up at the top of the eye – sometimes it’ll try to get caught down in the very bottom, so make sure that they’re both on the top. Keep pressure on both ends of the lien while doing this to keep it up top. 

After that, take your left hand and pinch down on the opening the two lines so that we can wrap around the main line then go through that loop. We need to keep this loop open. 

Next, we’re going to go through that first loop that we created. We’re going to go down, and bring it up from behind and through it. Once through, pinch down and inspect it to confirm it went through the loop. So we went from the top through the knot, and in doing so we made the second loop. 

Next step is with the tag we’re going to go through that big loop.

To recap again, we went through the first loop, and then we went through that next loop we just created.  Next you can pull it tight. Do that by pulling up on the tag end slowly to ensure it tightens up nicely and with all the loops oriented in the same direction without overlapping or looping over each other. 

As I pull down I’m putting some tension on the tag, and pulling down so we have it nice and small. Then pull it out a little bit just to make sure there are no overlaps. 

Next, put some water or saliva on it and increase the tension until the knot slips closer to the hook eye. Now that it’s up tight to the hook eye, it’s time to put some good pressure on the main line to lock the knot in place. 

Clip off the tag and you’re ready to start using your Improved Clinch Knot. 

Mono Line versus braided Line

The typical Improved Clinch Knot will have us go around 5 times for mono line, but we’re going to double that and go around 10 times with the braided fishing line.