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I can't sell this gun


I bought a .22 rifle from JC's in 2008.I got denied on the background check. I bought a gun a week before with no problem at another store. I asked for my money back. He said no and that he couldn't even sell the gun until I got the matter cleared up. As I was in the process of getting it cleared up I kept JC informed of the progress over the phone. after about three weeks I got cleared and went back to JC's. Well... he had sold my gun after he told me he couldn't until I got the matter cleared up. I asked for my money back. He said no that he could get me another gun. He couldn't get the exact model so I had him order the model closest to the original. He told me he would MAKE IT UP TO ME. Went in to pick up the new gun and he gave me 100 rounds of .22 ammo to MAKE IT UP TO ME. I got the hell out of there and haven't been back. I had delt with him two times before and got screwed on one of the two ocations. There won't be a third screwing.

Prices at JCs Guns


I am aware that the state of the firearms business right now is hectic and everything is in high demand from firearms, magazines, reloading supplies, to ammunition. But these people are selling PMAGS for $59.99 which retail for $13-$17. Also priced the Kel-Tec PMR-30 and the tag is $995.00, folks this pistol retails for ~$415.00 and most dealers sell it for under $400. I'd love to buy local but at these prices I'd rather buy from Budsgunshop.com and have them ship to Athens Guns (Free FFL btw). Stay way unless you want to pay PANIC PRICES...

Worst customer service eve


Took a rifle in for repair after doing business with them for over 30 years. They lost it while shipping out for repair. After two years of trying to let them do the right thing, JC himself offers to let me purchase another rifle from him. I take a rifle in for repair, which was purchased from them, they lose it, and I need to buy another according to them? Take your business elsewhere! Please! Don't allow yourself to be embarrassed as I was by these terrible business people!

Ripped me off on a new gun


Purchased a new gun--7mm-08 Browning A-bolt..or was told that. The gun had scope rings on it and I was told that they mounted a scope but the guy never came back and bought gun so mounts left on it. I was told it was still "new" because it was never shot. Bought it with new scope mounted, took it home, and couldn't hit a pie pan at 100 yds using several different ammuntions. The gun wasn't new. Someone bought it, they couldn't hit a pie pan with it, and MADE JC take it back and yes...I got stuck with it. Sold it local just to dump it and lost about $200 on it. Won't buy a firearm at JC's ever again.

Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad


Todd P is not a internet troll for those of you wondering. Everything he says is true. This is a horrible horrible shop. Think of what a perfect gun shop would be like and then picture the opposite and you've pictured JCs. And I will never ever ever shop here again (Stupid catchy Taylor Swift song)



I will never buy anything from this shop again!!

Keep Driving by Horrible Gun Shop!


First my girlfriend was taken advantage of when she bought my Christmas present. They not only over charged her for the gun the charged her 170.oo for a 99.99 mag!! We went back to the shop for Valentines day I was appauled at the condition of the guns. I looked at used ones that were never cleaned. New ones that had scratches all over them I was told they would wipe off!! Everything was way over priced. The only reason I bought a second gun is because she had put money down. They also told her they would treat her right on the second gun that didn't happen. Also they had to transfer a gun for us and made us pay postage!!! We bought the gun from them I've had several guns transfered and the shop always paid shipping. They have nothing in stock not even used inventory. As far as new guns forget it they had nothing!! Just keep driving by and head to Gander Mountain!! I know my friends family and anyone else that will listen in my gun club will never buy anything from JC!!

Contact Information

Location: 1650 Jordan Ln NW Huntsville, AL 35816
Phone: 256-830-0761

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