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Best Dealer Around


I have purchased 3 firearms from Jim since 2007. He and his wife are fair, friendly and honest and have lower prices than any other shops I have been to. Anytime you go in they are knowledgeable, friendly and will discuss issues and gun-talk when they are not busy.

Real people


Hakes is a real customer friendly place even to younger crowd. And the prices are low and they manage to stock up the products you need and will order anything you like.



I have dealt with Hakes Gun Shop for years. Simple put it is the best spot in central pa. Terry Sheppard of New Holland Pa.

Contact Information

Location: 100 Willow Street Wrightsville (near York), PA 17368
Phone: 717-252-1072

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Jim Hakes Sporting Goods is a gun shop located in York, Pennsylvania. To find this gun store check the map shown above, or enter 40.02015 latitude, and -76.52453 longitude into your GPS device.

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