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  "On a recent trip to Kiliuda Bay near Kodiak Island, we fished for Halibut and Salmon by trolling..." Kiliuda Bay

About the Campground

Kodiak Refuge is an ideal destination for wildlife viewing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, and other types of outdoor adventures. Getting to the refuge is not as simple as jumping into a car or strapping on a pair of hiking boots. The refuge covers 1.9 million acres on Kodiak, Uganik, Ban, and Afognak islands, areas only accessible by floatplane or boat. The refuge currently maintains seven public use cabins, each available on a reservation basis.

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Peak Season
Jul 27 2009 -
Dec 31 2050

Alerts and Important Information ALERT! The Viekoda Bay cabin is slated for demolition and reconstruction in June 2010. The cabin is currently in a deteriorated condition. Visitors to this cabin may not encounter the same standard of service offered at other Kodiak Refuge cabins. Please contact Kodiak Refuge for additional details. General information applicable to all cabins: The following are NOT PROVIDED: Transportation to cabins, lighting, running water, cooking stoves, utensils, fuel for heaters (kerosene, #1 heating oil, or automotive diesel). CLIMATE: Kodiak weather is variable, but cool, wet, and windy conditions predominate. Hypothermia is a possibility at any time of year if not properly dressed. Regardless of the season, always bring warm, waterproof gear, and be prepared to stay longer than expected. HEATING: All cabins are equipped with similar Nordic-brand stoves for heating. They can burn kerosene, home heating oil, or automotive diesel. One to three gallons per day is usually sufficient. NEVER use gasoline, Blazo, Coleman fuel, or similar products. Be sure to use heating stoves according to posted directions. FISH AND GAME MEAT: All cabins are equipped with a separate meat cache. Game meat must be stored in the cache. BEAR SAFETY: Be bear aware. It is possible to encounter bears at any time of year. Publications on bear safety are available from Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and in Kodiak at various locations around town. CLEANUP: Haul out ALL your trash, unused food, and fuel cans. NEVER bury garbage. Buried garbage may attract bears and create a safety hazard for you and future visitors.

Campground Contact Information

Open From: Jun 14 2010 to Dec 14 2010
Reservation Phone: 877-444-6777
Campground Reservations: Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge
Campground Phone: 888-408-3514
Customer Service Phone:888-445-1474
Backcountry Permits Phone: 877-550-6777

Kodiak, AK

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More About Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Campground

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge is a campground located in Kodiak, Alaska. This is a US Forest Service campground. All reservations can be made by calling 1-877-444-6777.

To find this campground check the map shown above, or enter -152.4961 latitude, and -152.4961 longitude into your GPS device.

After your camping adventure, be sure to come back and share a review of the campground. And please visit our Alaska Fishing Spots to explore all the the local fishing spots, complete with detailed Alaska fishing reports. Remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure that fishing and hunting are options near here.