Something certainly seemed fishy when the scales hit 33.9 pounds for a bucket of walleye. The fishing scandal prompted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to investigate the Lake Erie Walleye Trail.

Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky would have won $28,760 but were disqualified in Cleveland after their catches raised some questioning eyebrows, and a fishing scandal ensued.

Growing suspicious, the Director of Lake Erie Walleye Trail, Jason Fischer, gave the five walleyes a further glance. At first, it appeared like the fish in the bucket would only weigh four pounds each. Not even close to the seven pounds the scales had indicated.

What happened next shocked everyone.

Upon investigation, Fischer determined the walleye didn’t feel like soft flesh, but solid to the touch. Further adding skepticism that something more nefarious was afoot.

The weigh-ins, which were live-streamed, showed the very instant the cheating was uncovered. As seen in the video, Fischer grabbed one of the walleyes, placing it on the stage for all to see. With a slick movement of a filet knife, he opened it to reveal the surprising contents inside.


“We got weights in the fish!” you can hear Fischer exclaim in the now-viral video. Followed by an outcry of disgust erupting from the crowd, including other contestants who had competed.


But that wasn’t all.

Not only were the fish filled with lead weights, but there were also stuffed with whole fish filets concealed within their body captivities, further adding to the abnormally high masses.

The cheaters were disqualified on the spot. And with tempers growing hot from the baffled crowd, Fischer urged the cheaters to leave immediately, concerned for their safety. Even discouraging the public from harming the disgraced winners.

As a result, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources obtained evidence from the fishing scandal that has made headlines around that nation. The information has been compiled into a report and is expected to be handed over to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, pending further investigation.

As for Cominsky and Runyan could be charged with attempted felony theft depending on whether the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office chooses to proceed following the investigation.

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