With Pennsylvania’s vast stretches of water you know you’re going to have a wonderful time fishing, that is if you aren’t busted because you didn’t have the proper information about a license.

Pennsylvania Fishing Regulations

The State of Pennsylvania fishing regulations are among the more complex, stretching among many codes and should be examined before going fishing to insure you don’t cross a line.

Fishing License Period

Pennsylvania fishing licenses are available as:

  • 1-day fishing licenses (with the ability to add a day if needed
  • Annual fishing licenses
  • 3-Year fishing licenses
  • Lifetime fishing licenses

Free or Reduced Fee Pennsylvania Fishing Licenses

The State of Pennsylvania offers free fishing licenses or reduced fishing licenses for:

  • Disabled veterans

Pennsylvania Fishing Licenses are NOT Required For

Pennsylvania offers its residents ways to enjoy fishing without permits and tags:

  • A fishermen under 16 years of age does not require a fishing license

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