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Nice shop, good people


Took my ccw class there. 30 bucks but worth the 75 everyone else charges. Would have bought my g23 there if I didn't already own it.

New Address


They moved locations. They can now be found at 8601 49th Street N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782 or by telephone at (727) 498-8503. CCW classes are $30 at the time of this review.

Worth a visit for sure


Knowledgeable staff....helpful...and on the same wavelength as those of us IN THE KNOW...if you know what i mean....will be back to buy on my next visit. Do not pay attention to the MORONS who wrote the other two reviews...enough said.

Good Small Gun Shop


Knowable staff came for CWP class well presented bought a Surplus Mosin /Nagant 91/30 7.62x54 Rifle they have about 20 or so you get your pick for $199. cheaper on internet but you get your pick not their pick also prices are about average and it doesn't hurt to negotiate anywhere sometimes there is room in a price sometimes not . Ammo available in most calibers and they are helpful and offer service after the sale. I will be back.

real store?


Saw their ad and drove over from Tampa, address is a great army surplus store, could not find Phoenix, must be in a rental shed Did not even see a sign, I would advise not to waste your time on this so called business. .

Well-Stocked, VERY Expensive


Well-stocked with both arms and ammo, but I've seen many of the same weapons (in the past few days) for $100 to $300 less. You are likely to find what you want here (maybe because of the high prices) but you'd better be ready to open your wallets, and dig DEEP. Nice staff.

Contact Information

Location: 6000 66th Street North - Unit H St Petersburg (near Saint Petersburg), FL 33709
Phone: 727-776-3442

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Phoenix Ordnance is a gun shop located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. To find this gun store check the map shown above, or enter 27.82664 latitude, and -82.7291 longitude into your GPS device.

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