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Click here for more cabin information and maps. Cabin is 14X18' full loft cabin equipped with wooden bunks and loft (sleeping space for 6-8 people), table, wood stove for heat, and an outside toilet. It does not have mattresses or cooking utensils. Cabin users should bring their own water (no water source at cabin), sleeping bags, pads, cook stoves, matches, cooking gear,food, lantern, toilet paper, and garbage bags. Wood supply cannot be guaranteed. Please be conservative with wood use and bring a cook stove for cooking. The large deck is ADA accessible. Point Amargura is located near the community of Craig. It is an excellent place to fish for Halibut and bottomfish, pink, chum, silver and king salmon are also abundant. Hunting and beachcombing are popular activities here. Area adjacent to cabin is level with Sitka spruce and western hemlock forest predominating, steeper terrain is nearby.

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Peak Season
Apr 30 2010 -
Sep 29 2010
Non Peak Season
Sep 30 2010 -
Dec 31 2010
Non Peak Season
Jan 01 2011 -
Apr 29 2011
Peak Season
Apr 30 2011 -
Sep 29 2011

Alerts and Important Information Occasionally poor weather can result in extended stays, and cabin users should be prepared for this. Bring your own water; there are no freshwater sources near cabin. All garbage and food must be packed out. Same day reservations are allowed for this cabin. The person holding the reservation for this cabin must be at least 18 years of age, and must be a member of the party using the cabin. There are NO discounts for Golden Age/Access Passports for Alaska cabin rentals. Use of this cabin by a commercial operator, such as an outfitter or guide, is NOT allowed. Reservations are restricted to a maximum stay of 7 consecutive nights May 1 - September 30 and a maximum stay of 10consecutive nights October 1 - April 30. Effective November 17, 2003, reservations for Alaska cabins will be subject to a new policy allowing only one change per reservation. A change in reservation is defined as a modification to the start or end date of the reservation. After one change has been made, if additional changes are desired, the customer must cancel the reservation and at a later time, re-book the new dates. This policy has been established to assure that reservations for cabins are fair and equitable for everyone. The Pt. Amargura buoy is not functional. Do not use the buoy for boat mooring.

Campground Contact Information

Open From: Jun 14 2010 to Dec 14 2010
Reservation Phone: 877-444-6777
Campground Reservations: Point Amargura Cabin
Campground Phone: 907-826-3271
Customer Service Phone:888-445-1474
Backcountry Permits Phone: 877-550-6777

Craig, AK

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More About Point Amargura Cabin Campground

Point Amargura Cabin is a campground located in Craig, Alaska. This is a US Forest Service campground. All reservations can be made by calling 1-877-444-6777.

To find this campground check the map shown above, or enter -133.3578 latitude, and -133.3578 longitude into your GPS device.

After your camping adventure, be sure to come back and share a review of the campground. And please visit our Alaska Fishing Spots to explore all the the local fishing spots, complete with detailed Alaska fishing reports. Remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure that fishing and hunting are options near here.