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great staff.


I bought a gun there last week and never it was possible for a staff to go the extra mile to help, But they did . And I am very happy whit my purchase. I will be going back there for later purchases.

Amazing Customer Service


This is one of my favorite gun shops I have ever been to thanks to their amazing customer service. When you walk into the store they greet you very politely and ask if you need any help. If you don't they leave you alone if not they will literally spend upwards of 20 minutes explaining things and giving advice. This is an amazing gun shop that I highly recommend you check out sometime.

Contact Information

Location: Old Highway 63 S Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: 573-875-4867

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Powder Horn Gun Shop is a gun shop located in Columbia, Missouri. To find this gun store check the map shown above, or enter 38.96094 latitude, and -92.30997 longitude into your GPS device.

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