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What an inventory!


I was leery about this place after reading the other reports. But this place is great. More inventory than any other gun shop I've been to in Idaho Falls. No problem with the help at all. Every one was friendly.

Poor Service


When you go into Ross's Gun and Coin you will not be treated very well. Their prices are higher but they do get a lot of ammo and if you are in desperate need, they will work! They also have a large selection of gun accessories.

Bad bad bad bad


I walked into Ross Gun Shop with over $2000 in my pocket with the intention of finally getting a not piece of crap rifle. I walked out with over $2000 in my pocket and a very bad taste in my mouth. For starters their prices are almost 20% above what they would in most retail stores. Second their staff was some of the rudest I have ever seen, the minuet I walked in I got all sorts of judging, why are you interrupting my day stares and that was basically the extent of the staff's interaction with me. Why I tried to ask for help they completely brushed me off as an idiot and didn't help me at all. I assure you, I will never visit this store again!

Contact Information

Location: 390 North Eastern Avenue ID Falls (near Idaho Falls), ID 83402
Phone: 208-522-0847

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Ross Coin & Gun is a gun shop located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. To find this gun store check the map shown above, or enter 43.492 latitude, and -112.0374 longitude into your GPS device.

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