Summertime is made for warm afternoons and spending time doing the things that you love. One of our favorite hobbies is, of course, fishing. Catching saltwater fish is even more fun. Combine summer and saltwater fish and you can have a lot of fun, and build great memories. Today we are going to look at some of the best saltwater fish to catch in the summer. These are 5 great saltwater fish to catch in the summer. 

1. Flounder 


Picture credit: Vizetelly from Pixabay

They might not be the most beautiful fish in the ocean, but flounder are great to catch. They are delicious to eat and really healthy. That makes flounder a really good fish to bag for dinner. They have a mild and delicate taste and that is what makes them so popular. 

Flounder are bottom feeders. You don’t have to wonder where to start looking for the fish. Even more so during the summer. The water temperatures start to rise and along with that flounder start to move into the shallower water. Making them easier to find. 

They gather in schools and if you find one then you should be able to find more. That makes them a bit of a package deal. One great way to find them is in calmer waters. 

2. Tripletail 

Another warm water fish that is great to catch is the Tripletail. They are really exceptionally tasty and some even believe that they could taste better than a red snapper or even a grouper. It has a white and firm flesh that works for many different recipes. 

Tripletails are a challenge to find since they are a master of disguise. Tripletail can change colors to blend in with their surroundings. They also lie on their side and free float in open waters. Then these tasty treats look just like weeds or debris floating in the water. 

One great way to fish for these crafty critters is to use shrimp or crab as bait since these are some of their favorite meals. But they will also feed on small bait fish. 

Tripletail are a great addition to any dinner table. 

3. Spotted Sea Trout 

This is the fish to catch if you want one that is easy to find and catch. The spotted trout, also known as the speckled trout, do not migrate and tolerate a wide range of water temperatures. That is why they are available in such a wide range of areas in the United States. 

You can find them in the same areas of a mullet in the shallows. They are a favorite of larger trout. They enjoy swimming in sandy or muddy bottoms and in the summer they can also be found in current moving grass. 

Spotted trout has a buttery sweet flavor with dense white flakes. It is a softer fish than other inshore fish, so one thing to remember is to not overcook them. They don’t freeze well but they are good to be broiled or fried. 

4. Mahi-Mahi 

The Dolphinfish or Mahi-Mahi is a great eating fish that has a high number of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are really healthy to eat and tasty too. They have pinkish white flesh and have a distinctive and mild taste. Mahi-Mahi has a firm texture that makes them great for grilling. 

Don’t worry, they aren’t related to the Dolphin at all and are fish, not mammals. They have also been compared to tuna, but aren’t related to tuna either. 

Normally if there is one to find then there are two or more too. They are really aerobatic fighters and that has made them one of the most popular saltwater game fish.  They definitely have a fighting spirit and it makes them exciting to catch. They like to roam open water and like to congregate around floating debris. 

5. Red Snapper 

Red Snapper

Picture credit: roeuny from Pixabay

A red snapper is a great fish for deep water fishing. Taking out a boat and going fishing is a fantastic summer activity. But at the same time, you could also catch these beauties in the shallows. 

Fishing Red Snapper and catching one is really exciting. Some of the best times to catch Red Snapper is in the summer. They spawn during the summer months, but the time changes each year, thanks to various spawning conditions. 

You will have to check out the designated fishing season that your state or federal waters allow. But it is worth the wait. They have an almost sweet flavor that goes well with pretty much any season or spices. They can be grilled, broiled, or used in fish dishes like tacos. 

Red Snapper isn’t super fishy and they have a milder fish flavor than other species. They also have more of a meaty texture, so they are a great choice for people who don’t enjoy most types of fish. 

Plan Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is a great activity for summer. Many saltwater fish are exciting to catch and really tasty to eat. Grab a great fishing rod and head to the water. Your next summer fishing trip is just around the corner.