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My husband passed away in 2010 and he had several rifles, pistols and shotguns. He was into reloading, target shooting and hunting. I am not inclined to do any of the reloading or hunting. I do some target shooting, but not enough to justify keeping firearms that I don’t shoot. Sandy Smallwood was recommended to me by another gunsmith to help me liquidate the stock I had. As I am on a limited income, I needed to sell at a fair market value. Sandy has been so helpful in helping me sell most of the firearms. My experience with Sandy has been very good...he's knowledgeable and has gotten fair prices for the firearms he's sold for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to sell.

Excellent Shop


Sandy is out of the way a bit - to say the least. But once you get there it is all gravy. He has lots of ammo in almost every caliber. He has guns (pistols and long guns) everywhere - even hard to find guns that no other "big name" store has. I was amazed at how much was in the store. Sandy must have spent his whole life in the gun business as he knows about every gun I mentioned to him - good things and bad things! A walking wikipedia!!

awesome shop


I have bought several guns from Sandy in the past few years...he was recommended to me by several people. He is a great guy, tons of patience and willing to help the most novice of gun buyers!!! His prices are more than fair and his service is awesome I would recommend him all day long!!!

not worth the time


The only reason I am giving this one star is because it is required to write a review, after painful searching for ammo and some accessories I found this place by word of mouth. Completely out of the way and hard to find since there is no advertisements really. After finding this garage that was supposed to be a store I was informed the only way to buy ammo was to buy a gun even though there was a ton of it on the shelves. Limit 2 boxes I can understand but to use it as a bargaining chip is just desperate and pathetic! went to oz's in newnan and he gave me a great deal on all that I needed. Will not go back to smallwoods.

Gun shop


Bought a handgun. Good price, great service, friendly atmosphere. A little hard to find the shop the first time there.

Needed shotgun for copperheads


My husband and I did not own a gun of any kind but found we needed one because we have been having a problem with copperheads in our yard. We found out about Sandy and he was kind enough to open his store for us and helped us determine what would do the job. Very helpful and very friendly! He seems to know his stuff! Thanks Sandy!

Smallwood Firearms is Tops!


I've known Sandy Smallwood for for going on 20 years. He's a good ol' boy, fair and honest. Couldn't ask for someone more knowledgeable to deal with when buying a gun. Hell, I bought about a dozen new & used firearms from him. Too bad I can't find someone like him to deal with since we moved to Walker county in northwest GA. S. Adam

Hard to get to but a good little shop.


Out in the boonies. Shop has most of the reloading items you will need plus rifles, shotguns, pistols and accessories. If they don't have it, they will order it. Sandy's a nice good ol'boy to do business with.

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Location: 72 Appaloosa Way Sharpsburg (near Newnan), GA 30277
Phone: 770-253-9752

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