Unlike most of the nation, which sees a gradual dying down of all bass species as winter approaches, the Lone Star State is hot. Well, on the contrary, it’s cooler, than in the summer. But nevertheless, it presents some of the best fall bass fishing in Texas.

The favorable weather and monster shads that fill the bellies with the even bigger bass make fall bass fishing in Texas attractive over other locations. Yet, on a given day, it can be overwhelming where to go because, frankly, any bass pond offers actions in this great state.

But, a select few hot spots stand out among others. Here’s a compiled list of the best hot spots for fall bass fishing in Texas.

1. Falcon International Reservoir

Sunset on Falcon Lake

Sunset Over Falcon Lake – Image credits: XinSpanish via Shutterstock

For decades, Falcon International Reservoir, or Falcon Lake, has been a must-go location for fall bass. Fed by the epic Rio Grande River, the lake teases a watery playground of over 83,000 acres.

Largemouth bass teetering between five and six pounds is the main draw. Also making Falcon Lake a prime spot for hosting bass fishing tournaments.

In addition to the commonly caught channel catfish. Alligator gar, crappie, blue catfish, flathead catfish, and white bass are even more of a rarity but still present.

The go-to bait here are all things shads. The bass can’t get enough of them! And you can’t get enough of the bass once you start reeling in one after the other.

2. Llano River

Llano River

Highway 17 Over The Llano River – Image credits: Fotoluminate LLC via Shutterstock

If you’ve never thought of fishing in the Texas Hill Country, you’re missing out on some of the most underrated but best fall bass fishing in Texas. And here’s why.

Guadalupe and largemouth bass are found just about everywhere on this river during the months of October and November. On the other hand, it is more remote than other rivers, which allows anglers to fish unbothered by a crowd. Unless you count the fish in the water.

What makes the Llano River intriguing to anglers is the healthy population of Guadalupe bass, the state fish of Texas, and a bucket list catch too many.

Secondly, the changing topography sees a myriad of changes over the course of the river. As well as giving way to some of the best bass fly-fishing action in Texas and the nation.

Oh, and if size matters, be ready to pull in fish between six and eight pounds.

3. Lake Amistad

If you’re searching for a body of water to exhibit all your bass fishing lures. Look no further than Amistad Lake.

In the greater scheme of fall bass fishing in Texas, Lake Amistad is heating when the temperatures are cooling. Thus, with flooded logs, rocky shores, and plunging drop-offs, anglers will enjoy using everything in their tackle box. Heck, throw out an umbrella rig, and the result may surprise you. After all, swimbait is a known effective bait on Lake Amistad.

Just expect the unexpected when it comes to bait, and the largemouth bass comes biting.

4. Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend is a hot spot thrown around yearly as a top contender for fall bass fishing in Texas. Alas, there’s a good reason, the bass are big. And the bass are plentiful.

With an offering of 185,000 acres on the Louisiana and Texas border comes every nook and cranny stuffed with bass. Parts of this vast man-made reservoir boast aquatic vegetation and sunken logs that are a sure thing to land some lunkers.

Consider staying near the shore; as the temperatures cool, the shad tend to head toward the streams and creeks. While bass, holding the largest appetite of the season, will go where the bait fish are. 

5. Lake Fork

Lake Fork is known for colossal largemouth bass fish counts. More so, the grass and other aquatic vegetation flourish with consistent October rainfall. Which, in turn, means structure and shelter for shad and bass alike.

That being said, if your dream is to witness an aerobatic display of a bronzeback, hooked onto your line, this is the place. 

Regarding tackle, opt for all the classics like topwater, buzzbait, or crankbaits. However, if you want to switch up your technique, try some soft plastic lizards or chatterbait around the foliage to play to the inquisitive mind of this species. It’s only a matter of time before you have a fish on.

The Last Word

October and November present the best fall bass fishing in Texas. Gone are the days of scorching heat that keep the fish hidden and the anglers indoors. Therefore, welcoming cooler temperatures and consistent rainfalls aid foliage blooming and increase water levels.

It shouldn’t go without saying that this list only scratches the surface of optimal hot spots for fall bass fishing in Texas. Other mentions include the San Marco River, Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and Choke Canyon Reservoir.

Where have you gone fall bass fishing in Texas? Please us know in the comments below!