We recently put a Hook and Bullet Sprinter van on the road to allow us to get to shows and events with greater ease. We started with a basic 170″ wheelbase Sprinter van and we’ll be investing in a van conversion so we can not only use it for work, but so we can use it as a base for our next fishing trip, or hunting trip. Here’s what we’re starting with: https://www.esplori.com/

Sprinter Van Conversion

We looked at multiple conversion companies when we were deciding how to turn our Sprinter into a camper van. Given that we needed to transport and sleep 4-5 people, as well as all our gear, we weren’t as interested in some of the typical RV options. We wanted comfortable camping; a clean, simple look with high quality parts and pieces. After a ton of research, we finally decided on Esplori for our sprinter van conversion. Not only do they concentrate on high quality and environmentally friendly products, but their custom aluminum walls and ceiling gave us exactly the look we wanted. You can powder coat them any color you want! They are half the weight of traditional plywood and carpet, naturally recyclable, inherently fireproof, are easy to keep clean, and don’t emit any VOCs. Esplori also uses solid wood for their cabinets and countertops, along with marine grade hardware.  Their proprietary panels alone sold us. We’ll be tackling the conversion in phases beginning with the electrical, an awning, and a few other goodies.

Sprinter Van Electrical

Their electrical system is also really robust. They install Zamp Solar panels, lithium batteries, an inverter/charger, a shore power plug, and have the ability to charge while driving. We have a marine grade refrigerator, 10-speed fan, cabin heater, LED lighting, USB and 120v charging all running off the same system.

Sprinter Van Exteriors

Esplori can also install windows, flooring, and any exterior accessory (racks, nerf bars, light bars, ladders, awnings, etc.) that you might want. You can spend a lot of money on a van conversion, so it’s important to find a company that not only does good work but explains things well and works with you to achieve your goals. Esplori definitely did that for us! Stay Tuned as Our Sprinter Van Takes Shape