Maryland has some of the most incredible fishing spots since much of the state is surrounded by water. The state has unbelievable piers where you can catch some massive fish, without going out in a boat. Many of these piers benefit from the open Atlantic Ocean, which draws many anglers to take up residence upon them. With names like the Chesapeake Bay or the Potomac, it’s no wonder why many descend upon Maryland and try to strike it big. Here is a short list of the best fishing piers in Maryland. 

1. Oceanic Fishing Pier, Ocean City 

Ocean Fishing Pier is like deep-sea fishing without setting foot on a ship or having to pay for a boat charter. It allows you to catch colossal striped bass, bluefish, sand perch, sea trout, Kingfish, cobia, and a lot more from the pier. If you are visiting Ocean City, this pier is a must-do for all anglers, including novices. This is because the staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and are there to help with any needs. Furthermore, The Ocean Fishing Pier has been recognized as the 2022 winner of the Best of Ocean City award, which adds to its legendary fishing pier status.

The great thing is that you do not need to buy a Maryland fishing license. However, anglers should be cautious as there are fees to fish from the pier. For 12 straight hours of fishing it costs $12, a three-day pass is $20, and a week pass costs $40. You don’t need to have any gear with you, since the local bait shop has everything available. As such, if you are without gear, a fishing rod rental is available for $10.  They even offer refreshments to enjoy while you fish. The Oceanic Fishing Pier is now open 24 hours a day, so if you would like to try your hand at night fishing, you can do it here!


2. Cox Point Park Pier 

Pier with dock

Image Credit: mcfisher via Pixabay

Known as a serene hide-out for the entire family, Cox Point Park pier offers fishing in Essex, Maryland. The park has some incredible spots for children, like playgrounds and areas to have a beautiful picnic. Over 150 different bird varieties call this park home, with ducks and geese being common. The thriving bird species are a result of the park being a natural-forested barrier to erosion faced on the Atlantic coast. With that being said, the pier is 70 feet long and is “t-shaped” which allows anglers to spread out along the Back River. According to the Essex-Stembridge Recreation and Parks Council, you don’t need a license to fish in the park.

Found on the Back River, Cox Point Park offers a variety of species for all skill sets. This includes gar, pickerel, sunfish, blue catfish, channel catfish, and striped bass. Furthermore, there is a boat launch located in the park that can be used free of charge. The hour of operation is from 6 am to 7 pm.

3. Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park 

Closeup of the pier

Image Credit: Finmiki via Pixabay

As of today, Bill Burton Fishing Pier is closed temporarily for repairs to the structural base. The last update comes in May 2022 without a reopening date noted. Albeit, it is still one of the unique and best fishing piers in Maryland and deserves to be on this list.

The Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park is split between Dorchester and Talbot Counties and is found by the Choptank River. As such, it houses one of the longest piers found in the state of Maryland. The Talbot County side has a mile-long pier and connects to Sky winds Park. Whereas, the Dorchester County side contains a 1/2-mile pier.

Moreover, you will need a license to fish from the pier, which can be purchased on the Maryland Government website. But, it is essential to note that a different license is required if you’re crabbing. However, the Choptank River has numerous fishing opportunities, and it is worth the effort of getting a license. There are white perch, bluefish, channel catfish, croakers, sea trout, and striped bass. With further opportunities for crabbing and oysters. 

4. Point Lookout Park Fishing Pier

Chesapeake Bay Water

Image Credit: Purplehorse via Pixabay

This pier allows you to look over where the Potomac River joins the Chesapeake Bay, with fish being bountiful in every direction. There are nearly 350 different fish species recorded in the Chesapeake Bay. But in the bay area, anglers can target striped bass, blue crab, eastern oysters, shark, trout, salmon, perch, flounder, eel, and drum.

A license is mandatory to fish from the pier, but it will be worth it with the amount of action that you’ll feel on your line. It costs around $3 per vehicle for Maryland residents to enter the park and $5 for non-Maryland residents. Alternatively, to launch a boat, you will be charged $10. The local bait shop here offers you everything an angler could need, including gear and bait. You can even find some souvenirs, ice cream, or other refreshments to make your day of fishing more memorable. 

Many Other Stunning Spots 

Nevertheless, these are just a small fraction of the incredible fishing piers that Maryland has to offer. Several others are simply as stunning and great for fishing. As for honorable mentions, avid anglers should also check out North Beach Pier, Jonas and Anne Catharine Green Park. Chances are that if you find a pier in Maryland, it will be a great spot to fish, with many freshwater and saltwater species at your disposal. But, if you intend to head to Maryland, take a look at these piers the next time you want to dip your line into the water.