Tick Keys are devices designed to faciliate the safe removal of ticks from the skin, removing the tick in tact without leaving the head of the tick in the skin of the host. There are several different types of Tick Keys on the market. I believe you have to find the one that works best for you. You may choose something different depending on if you are using this on a dog, cat or human.

The Original Tick Key

The Tick Key is a great tool to use to remove ticks.  It will safely and easily remove small and large ticks from the skin. 


4 simple steps to using the Tick Key:

  1.  Place the large hole of the TickKey over the tick and flat against the skin.
  2. Slowly pull the TickKey towards the narrow portion of the key trapping the tick.  Be sure the key stays tight to the skin.  If you have a helper they can hold the skin taught while entrapping the tick.  
  3. Continue pulling the key along the skin until the tick is no longer attached to the skin – it usually ends up crawling around on the tip of the key.  
  4. Properly dispose of the tick – see our article on how To Remove a Tick for an explanation of why proper disposal is critical.

Tick Twister

The Tick Twister by O’TOM was developed by a french veterinarian in the 1990’s in 2 different sizes. 1 for very small and small ticks and the other for medium to large ticks.

The tick twister works by grabbing the tick at the mouth/head and not squeezing the body where the toxins are. Squeezing or crushing the body can accidentally force those infected body fluids through the mouth and into the skin of the host. The twisting motion releases the “barbs” in the mouth that attach the tick to the skin of the host. 


using the Tick Twister:

  1. Simple slide the correct size tick twister under the tick.
  2. Twist in a counter clockwise direction several times around to safely remove the entire tick.  
  3. Dispose of Tick properly.

Tick Tornado

The ZenPet Tick Tornado was also developed by a veterinarian.  It removes the entire tick with a simple process. Buy a Tick Tornado


using the Tick Tornado:

  1. Hook, Twist, Lift 
  2. Do not pull on the tick simple rotate the Tick Tornado until the tick detaches
  3. Properly dispose of the Tick