From walleye to perch, salmon to trout, mighty Lake Michigan has it all and with the right fishing charter, you can get in on the action.

Thus, there are lists of the various charters available around the lake, including their rankings, customer reviews, and professional awards. As a whole, there is much to be said about the five Lake Michigan fishing charters listed here.

1. Twenty Four VII Charters – Illinois

Join Captain Frank Grider Junior, who has spent over 25 years of his life on Lake Michigan, with his knowledge of the local fishing spots is unmatched and is sure to give you a hefty fish count. 

Twenty Four VII Charters allows for up to six anglers and the vessel has a bathroom on board. Of the species targeted, Coho salmon, king salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout are the most common. Take plenty of individual and group photos onboard with every catch and remember your trip in detail. Even better, the crew cleans and bags your catch for you to take home at the end of the day.

2. Fish-X-TC – Michigan

Image Credits: Drew Farwell via Unsplash

Fish-X-TC offers the most up-to-date trolling and GPS technology in Traverse City, Michigan.  You can head out with Captain Alonzo Knowles on a 32’ Chris Craft boat. More so, this vessel offers a comfortable ride for up to six fishermen and even includes an outside deck. You can relax and enjoy the calm waters until your catches start biting. Then you can jump up and reel them in.

Trolling is the prime fishing activity of this charter, utilizing Big Jon downriggers. You can also enjoy top-of-the-line gear from names such as Daiwa, Shimano, and Okuma. An expert in the state regulations of these waters, Captain Alonzo will help you bring home a sizeable fish count and will even assist you in pulling in a trophy. And no worries here either; your catch will be fileted for you before you walk off the boat.

3. Fisherman Jim’s Great Lakes Fishing – Wisconsin

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Image credits: Brett Schaberg via Pexels

Incredible salmon and trout fishing are available from the fishing charter at Fisherman Jim’s Great Lakes Fishing. With over 25 years of experience in Lake Michigan, Captain Jim Matias is well-prepared to lead you onto a day of endless fishing. Additionally, Matias, is a member of the Kenosha Charter Boat Association and a Coast Guard Licensed Captain, so you know you are in good hands. Nevertheless, you will head out on a 33’ Chris Craft filled with plenty of professional and commercial fishing equipment that is powered by two Crusader engines.

The vessel is spacious with a washroom, kitchen, bed, TV, and plenty of seating to sit back and enjoy the ride. You can bring some of your snacks and drinks on board. Further, keeping them cool in the captain’s ice box, while you fish for various species of salmon and trout. Like other fishing charters, the crew at Fisherman Jim’s is available to help you reel in your catches and clean your fish to take it home.

4. Fish-On Guide Services of Wisconsin – Wisconsin

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Image credits: jasongillman via Pixabay

Fish-On Guide Services is the vision of Captain Ruben Ojeda, who has dedicated his life to the waters of Lake Michigan. In fact, Captain Ruben is a member of the National Angler’s Association and the Charter Captains Association of Port Washington. Along with his First Mate Tracy, this duo is passionate about fishing and teaching techniques to others. The charter operates on a 30′ 2002 Sports Craft 3010 Sportfish powered by two 350 Mercury Cruisers, which can accommodate up to six guests. This also provides a comfortable and safe fishing experience on Lake Michigan.

The most sought-after species are; lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, coho salmon, and king salmon. You will also have access to pictures and videos of your adventure with Fish-On Guide Services and every catch you make during your trip.

5. Big River Outfitters – Michigan

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Image credits: Aaron Burden via Unsplash

Big River Outfitters offers both lake and river charters to help you land as much fish as possible. Captain Anthony, has over a decade of knowledge and provides an exciting fishing trip for perch, rainbow trout, coho salmon, walleye, and many more species. A group of up to three anglers can fish from the 18’ Woolridge jet boat, which is powered by a 115 HP Yamaha motor. The charter focuses on trolling, thus utilizing the best fishing gear for Great Lakes angling. Big River Outfitters helps you clean and filet your catch at the end of your day as well.

Final Word

Beyond these five fishing charters, there are many other boats available for hire on Lake Michigan. With many entries to this lake, the locations and hottest fishing spots are endless. Moreover, many charters offer trolling experiences as a means of fishing this vast body of water. With over 200 fishing charters to choose from on Lake Michigan, this list is only a starting point on many outstanding boat captains and trophy charters available.