Are you looking for some new catfish bait ideas? Catfish are opportunistic feeders and will strike just about anything from soft plastics to live fish. Check out these 8 best catfish baits some of which you may not have tried yet.

 1. Liver

A pile of raw liver

Chicken liver is a versatile bait for catfish, as unsavory as it might seem to work with. You can use liver pieces as is or throw it whole in the blender to make homemade bait. Some catfish anglers don’t like using chicken livers because they tend to fall off your hook; however, you can prevent that by hardening them in a or tossing them in a bag with some powdered Kool-Aid or Jello.

2. Blood Baits

Mr. Whisker’s blood punch bait saves you the time and nausea from making homemade blood bait. Mr. Whisker’s also carries a cheese flavored punch bait that the channel cats will tear up. Its a wonderful alternative to the real thing.

3. Shad/Baitfish

Shimmering shads swimming behind glass

Shad is one of my favorite catfish baits to use because they’re effective for catching catfish of all sizes, whether you use them as live bait or cut bait. In the summertime, whenever you see schools of shad, you are sure also to find a hungry blue catfish ready to pounce. When using shad as live bait, I recommend hooking them through the eyeball or right below the dorsal fin. You can also cut their bellies with a fillet knife and let their entrails emerge as an added attractant.

4. Catfish Charlie Dip Bait

Catfish Charlie’s dip bait is relatively inexpensive, and your purchase comes in a pack with three different flavors: blood, shad, and cheese. It’s also easy to store and requires no refrigeration whatsoever. This Dip bait is most effective when used with dip tubes, worms, and other soft bait holders.

Since Charlie’s dip bait is such a budget-friendly option, I would recommend this to those catfish anglers who are still learning how to use dip bait. Mainly because you’ll be able to practice out of three different pints to help speed up the learning curve.

5. Spoiled Shrimp

Shrimp on a plate

The best kind of shrimp to buy for catfishing is raw, uncooked shrimp. If you want to make your shrimp more effective, make sure to let it spoil in the sunlight for a week (or more) before taking your bait out fishing. The best way to hook shrimp onto your hook is to pinch off the tail and sink your hook through the bottom and push the hook out the shrimp’s back.

6. Catfish Corn

Corn isn’t just an excellent bait for attracting deer and wild turkeys, but it is also an effective baiting method for catfish. You can even use the same feed corn you would use for deer for catfish. However, for catfish, make sure not to use raw kernels because they can’t properly digest them. Instead, soak your feed corn overnight, and then boil it for several hours until it is soft enough to crush with your fingers but still tough enough to stay on your hook. Plus, feed corn is bulkier than store-bought sweet corn, so it’s unlikely the baitfish will strike at it.

Catfish Bait Final Thoughts

If you’re still scratching your brain, trying to figure out which of these baits you should use, well, I would suggest picking the one that best suits your fishing needs. Do you plan on going fishing frequently and need something affordable you can buy in large quantities? Then, opt-in for the Mr. Whiskers blood bait in a gallon-sized tub or a 10-pound bag of feed corn. Happy catfishing and we will see you on the water!