Fishing Guide, Elkhorn, WI, 53121 USA
From $100.00. * Call 1-866-977-5675 to Reserve a Date, or for Additional Information *..My friends call me the fishing musician...and other than playing steel guitar in "The David Marshall Band" Fishing is my passion. I started out as a kid, fishing with my Dad for perch in Door County, every Summer, and on lake Michigan, in Chicago. Deep water Bluegills are my specialty, on both these lakes, and I love to take kids fishing to see the expression on their face when they reel in a fat 9 incher from 30 feet down!!! Night fishing for walleyes on Delavan Lake is my other specialty, and Huge northern pike always sweeten the mix....especially during the hot Summer months. Monasark Guide Service The best fishing for Deep-water Bluegills on Delavan and Geneva is June 15th, through Sept. Fall trips to the WI Dells area of the WI River for Sturgeon,Crappies and Walleyes, Sept& Oct..
Waters Fished
Delavan Lake
Lake Geneva Dam
Lake Geneva
Species Fished
Bream, Bluegill
and 3 others
Gear Provided
Rods and Reels
Fishing Licenses
Departs From
Boat launch of desired lake
  • Delavan Lake
  • Lake Geneva Dam
  • Lake Geneva
  • Geneva Bay
  • Wisconsin River
  • Dells Lake
  • Bream, Bluegill
  • Crappie
  • Panfish
  • Sturgeon
  • Walleye
  • Perch
  • 17.5' Alumacraft Navaigator 175CS -

Items Provided

  • Bait
  • Rods and Reels

Multi Specie Bliss

Nathan F Tue, Jul 8, 2014
5 star rating out of 5
by 1 reviewer

7 different species. In one day we caught 7 different species of fish. Largemouth bass, walleye, pike, bluegill, crappie, yellow perch, and smallmouth bass. My goal for my trip was just to have an easy laid back day of fishing where I didn't have to stress about where the fish are and what they are biting. I just wanted to sit back, be told what to use and where to use it, and reel in fish. That is exactly what happened. The day was sublime. We caught a ton of fish. No trophies, but I had a blast. It was a fantastic day.

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