I find trout fishing therapeutic, walking out into my favorite stream, and listening to fish jumping in the water. When I lived in Colorado, I went trout fishing frequently. So, I know a thing or two about what you need to bring to get these beautiful creatures to bite. Thus, please stick with us as we uncover what you should be carrying in your trout tackle box.

16 Items You Need to Carry in Your Trout Tackle Box

Leland Lures trout grubs against a white background.

Image Credit: Leland Lures on Amazon

Rod and Reel

    Quantum Optix Spinning Combo

The Quantum Optix rod and reel combo against a white background.
    The Quantum Optix is a 6’6” fast-action medium-powered rod fitted with a size 30 reel. This combo is excellent for trout, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

First, before you purchase any trout tackle, you want to ensure you have a quality rod and reel combo. For trout fishing, we recommend the Quantum Optix spinning rod and size 30 reel. For instance, this rod features a durable and lightweight graphite-composite blank. So, it’ll be plenty strong enough to pull in small and medium-sized trout.

Also, the included Quantum size 30 reel is nice. Highlights of this reel include four bearings, a patented no-tangle design, and a TRU balance rotor. Therefore, giving you a smooth and easy retrieval.

Fishing Line

    Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament

A spool of Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament against a white background.
    Berkeley Trilene XL Monofilament is a versatile fishing line available in multiple pound-tests and varying spool sizes.

Next, you want to line your new trout rod with either a monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line. For example, a product we like to use is the Berkley Trilene XL monofilament. Additionally, we enjoy Berkley’s line because it has low memory, making backlashes less likely. Also, it casts smoothly and is sensitive enough to detect strikes. Typically, trout anglers will select fishing lines in either a 4 or 6-pound-test.

If you need assistance lining your new fishing rod, please check out our tutorial for spooling spinning reels.

Rooster Tails

    Yakima Bait Wordens Rooster Tails

Yakima Bait Wordens Rooster Tails, a great piece of trout tackle, against a white background.
    Yakima Bait Wordens rooster tails are killer trout lures! This piece of trout tackle comes in a variety of finishes and sizes.

Then, rooster tails are an effective and fun way to target all trout species. For instance, these lures by Worden spin and flash to attract fish. The Worden’s rooster tails come in a ½-ounce to ⅜-ounce weight and have over 100 available finishes.

Additionally, we recommend going with a ⅛ to 1/32-ounce weight; these sizes seem to produce fish consistently. Also, some of our favorite finishes of this rooster tail are:

  • Rainbow fry
  • Grey minnow
  • Brown trout

Berkley PowerBait

    Berkley PowerBait Garlic

A jar of Berkley PowerBait Garlic trout bait against a white background.
    Berkeley’s Powerbait is absolute trout candy! These tiny jars of dough bait are available in various colors and flavors.

Now, some older generations of trout anglers might say fishing with dough bait is sacrilegious. However, if using PowerBait is a legal baiting method in your area, why not utilize it. For example, we find trout go wild over the salmon egg, garlic, corn, and extra scent flavors. Thus, we think every trout angler should have a couple of jars of PowerBait handy in their tackle box.


    SouthBend’s Kastaway Trophy Spoons

Three SouthBend Kastaway Trophy Spoons, an excellent piece of trout tackle, against a white background.
    Southbend’s Kastaway Trophy Spoons come with various colored lures that attract trout, panfish, and bass.

Next, spoons are a classic trout lure. Specifically, spoons are an attractive piece of tackle because they imitate injured baitfish. Plus, the flashing of a spoon is another desirable characteristic of this type of lure. If you would like to add spoons to your arsenal, we recommend checking out this pack by SouthBend.

Pautzke Fire Worms Soft Bait

    Pautzke Fire Worms

A pack of Pautzke Fire Worms, a splendid piece of trout tackle, against a white background.
    Pautzke Fire Worms are an excellent soft bait for trout fishing!

Then, you want to load up your box with a good selection of soft baits. For example, we recommend the Pautzke Fire Worms. These Fire Worms imitate plump, delicious mealworms that make trout go crazy. For instance, you can hook these worms either through the head or on a wacky worm rig. Plus, these Fire Worms arrive in compact and resealable packaging for easy storage.

Rapala Original Floater Jerkbait

    Rapala Original Floater

Rapala Original Floater, a fantastic piece of trout tackle, against a white background.
    Rapala’s Original Floater is a jerkbait that consistently produces trout and bass.

Next on the list of must-have tackle is Rapala’s Original Floater jerkbait. Many trout anglers rave about this hard bait by Rapala for how effective it is. For example, finishes we like of this jerkbait are:

  • Firetiger
  • Gold
  • Bleeding Pearl

Additionally, trout are smarter than you think, and they have decent eyesight. So, using a jerkbait with a realistic design like these Rapala ones will help you fool these clever creatures.

Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot

    Water Gremlin Split Shots Pro Pack

Water Gremlin Split Shots against a white background.
    This pack of removable split shot by Water Gremlin is easy to use. Just clip them on with a pair of pliers, and you’re ready to go.

Then, a set of split shots with various weights is something every angler should carry. Typically, when you’re rigging your line for trout, you want to go with the lightest weight possible. For this reason, we prefer this split shot pro pack by Water Gremlin, as it has various included weight choices. So, you can go as light or as heavy as needed, depending on what type of water you’re fishing.

Leland Lures Trout Magnet Jig Heads

    Leland Lures Trout Magnet Jig Heads

Leland Lures Trout Magnet Jig Heads, a great piece of trout tackle, against a white background.
    These jig heads by Leland Lures work phenomenally, especially when paired with their Trout Magnet grubs.

Next, you’re going to need a handful of quality jig heads in varying weights to target trout. For example, we like Lelang Lures’ Trout Magnet jig heads. These jig heads come in a pack of five with sharp size eight hooks. Additionally, the 1/64 oz jig heads are an ideal weight to use for trout and panfish.

Leland Lures Trout Magnet Grubs

    Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Grubs Kit

The Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Grubs Kit, filled with trout tackle, against a white background.
    Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Grubs Kit is a trout slayer. This kit is an 85-piece set with various colored grub bodies and jig heads.

Then, the best thing to pair with your Trout Magnet jig heads is some colorful split-tail grubs. For instance, these split-tail grubs have a killer action to them, which slays trout. Also, you get a variety of colors within this grub kit. Additionally, if you would like more insight on what pattern to use, check out our article on lure colors.

Treble Hooks

    Danielson's Treble Hooks

A pack of Danielson's Treble Hooks against a white background.
    Danielson’s size 14 golden treble hooks are a great value buy, and they come in a pack of 25.

Another critical item in any trout angler’s tackle box is a nice set of treble hooks. For example, treble-styled hooks are excellent for when you’re fishing with dough baits. Typically, most anglers like to go with size 12, 14, or 16 treble hooks for trout. If you’re looking for a great set to add to your fishing tackle, we recommend getting these by Danielson’s.

Worm Hooks

    Gamakatsu Trout Worm Hook

A Gamakatsu Trout Worm Hook against a white background.
    Gamakatsu’s trout worm hooks are perfect for holding those wiggly nightcrawlers.

Additionally, worm hooks are another classic piece of tackle to add to your trout arsenal. For instance, we recommend using Gamakatsu’s worm hooks; they’re sharp, durable, and land fish. Plus, you can pick up these Gamakatsu worm hooks in sizes 10 to 16. Furthermore, these hooks work well with both artificial soft plastic worms and live bait.

Egg Hooks

    Eagle Claw Egg Hook

An Eagle Claw Egg Hook against a white background.
    Eagle Claw’s egg hooks are ideal for baiting up single salmon eggs.

Next, another effective hook style for trout is an egg hook. For example, these Eagle Claw egg hooks are sharp and easy to snell your line onto for a better hookset. Also, they’re straightforward to use; simply bait your hook with a juice salmon egg, and you’re good to cast it. If you would like to learn how to tie a snell knot, check out our tutorial on how to tie one.

Salmon Eggs

    Atlas Mike's Salmon Eggs

Atlas Mike's UV-Glo Salmon Eggs against a white background.
    Atlas Mike’s salmon eggs are wicked trout bait for streams and lakes.

Then, another item you’ll need to pair with your egg hooks is a jar of Atlas Mike’s salmon eggs. Atlas Mike’s makes this bait in a variety of flavors and colors. For example, we recommend the UV-Glo, cheese, garlic, and corn-scented ones for trout fishing. Also, this bait is easy to hook into, and it stays on well during a cast.

Barrel Swivels With Snaps

    Greatfishing Barrel Swivels

A pack of Greatfishing Barrel Swivels against a white background.
    Greatfishing’s barrel swivels with an interlock snap come in a 200-piece set with multiple size options.

Another item I like to keep handy while trout fishing is barrel swivels with a snap, like these by Greatfishing. These snap-on swivels make it easier to change out your pre-rigged leader lines quickly. Furthermore, this particular set has various included sizes, from a number 6 to 10 barrel swivel. Plus, it comes in a compact carrying case, so you can keep your tackle organized while out on the water.

Snap-On Float

    Eagle Claw Snap-On Bobbers

An assortment of Eagle Claw's snap-on bobbers against a white background.
    Eagle Claw’s snap-on floats are perfect for bobber fishing with a worm.

Lastly, another iconic piece of trout tackle is a snap-on bobber like Eagle Claw’s floats. Bobber fishing with a juicy worm is one of the most classic and simplistic ways to target trout. Additionally, Eagle Claw’s floats are available in a 1 to 1 ¾-inch size. Plus, they’re highly visible out on the water, so you’ll readily see when you have a strike.

Which of These 16 Items Are You Going To Add to Your Tackle Box?

To conclude, trout fishing is a fun way to enjoy nature, whether you plan to angle solo or with others. Thus, when it’s time to get out there, ensure you prepare your tackle box with the best gear.

So, which of these items are you likely to add to your trout tackle collection? Let us know in the comments below. Do you know someone that would enjoy angling for trout? Then, please consider sharing this article with them via social media.