Like many outdoorsmen, we have had our eyes on a RV or van conversion to extend our time outdoors – fishing, hunting, hiking, exploring, biking, etc. Not to mention all of our gear – fishing rods, tackle, clothing, float tubes, possibly a boat trailer, and more. 

Once we determined a conversion van was our best option for long-term use, we looked at multiple conversion companies when we were deciding how to turn our Sprinter into a camper van. Given that we needed to transport and sleep 4-5 people, as well as all our gear, we weren’t as interested in some of the typical RV options.

Our requirements:

  • Comfortable camping for up to 5
  • A clean, simple look
  • Durable, high-quality parts and pieces
  • Environmentally-friendly materials so we’re not breathing in toxic fumes and/or polluting the environment
  • Affordable materials and components

Van Conversion Companies are NOT created Equal

After a ton of research, during which we saw builds approaching $200K with over-the-top interiors, we finally decided on a hybrid approach where we’d work with the highly respected Esplori team for wall panels, windows, vents, lighting, li-on batteries, a floor trim kit and more than with other vendors and contractors needed to supplement where e lacked the skill or time to complete one of our sprinter van conversion tasks.

Sprinter Interiors: Custom-fit Sprinter Wall Panels

Esplori’s niche is high quality and environmentally friendly products, and their custom aluminum powder coated wall panels for Sprinter interiors marry a great look with a durable finish, low weight, and without the off-gasing from other materials.  You can powder coat them any color you want! They are half the weight of traditional plywood and carpet, naturally recyclable, inherently fireproof, are easy to keep clean, and don’t emit any VOCs. Their proprietary panels alone sold us.

We’ll be tackling the conversion in phases beginning with the electrical, an awning, and a few other goodies.