“That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero” -Stan Lee

The overarching mission statement of Busy Pixel Media is to enable your passion. We strive to enable passion in an open and ethical way, and this document outlines the ways that our writers do that.

Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics roughly follows the four core principles from the Society of Professional Journalists:

  1. Seek Truth and Report It
  2. Minimize Harm
  3. Act Independently
  4. Be Accountable and Transparent

Below we outline how we apply these principles in our daily operations.

Seek Truth and Report It

We strive to gather, report and interpret information that is relevant for our visitors. Our writers and journalists seek out sources for information, and make judgments about the motivation of those sources vs the value of the information that they provide. When proper and after appropriate consideration, our journalists will grant anonymity to sources.

We are vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable. We give voice to the voiceless.

We support the open and civil exchange of views, even views we may find repugnant. We boldly tell the story of diversity and the magnitude of human experience. We clearly label advocacy and commentary vs factual reporting.

We promise to never deliberately distort facts to support certain viewpoints. We will never plagiarize and always attribute our sources.

Our writers, journalists and organization take responsibility for the accuracy of our work. We make all attempts to verify information before releasing it. When we make mistakes, we update content with a visible indicator that the content has been changed to reflect corrections.

Fact Checking Policy

Every piece of information we publish has a variety of sources, both direct and indirect. Where possible, we seek to find original sources and verify with additional sources whenever possible. These sources will typically be identified, and in certain cases may be granted anonymity for the security of the source.

We realize there are many sources of misinformation and attempts to provide false information. We seek to minimize the impact of these attempts and aim to reduce their impact in our writing and reporting.

Our writers utilize many tools to fact-check sources, including using open-sourced data, internal organizational knowledge, alternate sources, and other proprietary tools.

Corrections Policy

When we do report an inaccurate fact, we make a correction to the content and label the article that has been impacted by an inaccurate fact. We also provide a mechanism for anonymously reporting inaccuracies, via corrections@busypixel.com.

Media Ombudsman

A media ombudsman is someone who receives and investigates complaints from readers about accuracy, fairness, balance and good taste in coverage. They recommend appropriate remedies and responses within the news organization. To report an issue to the media ombudsman, send a message to ombudsman@busypixel.com.

Minimize Harm

We seek to treat sources, subjects, colleagues and the public as human beings deserving of respect. In that regard, we carefully balance the public’s need for information against potential harm or discomfort.

We recognize that in our position of being able to publish the news, we also have an obligation to consider the implications of publication.

When dealing with security news, we work with vendors to ensure that information about any vulnerabilities is fixed and then we adhere to the principles of responsible disclosure.

Act Independently

Our highest calling is to serve the public interest.

We seek to avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived. When a conflict of interest isn’t avoidable, we will disclose that conflict.

We refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel and special treatment and are aware of how these methods are used to influence reporting and may compromise integrity or impartiality.

We deny favored treatment to advertisers, donors, or any other special interests, and resist internal and external pressure to influence coverage.

We have a strict policy of distinguishing news from advertising and prominently label sponsored content.

Be Accountable and Transparent

We stress to our writers and journalists that it is important to take responsibility for their work and that any editorial decisions should be explained to the public.

Our writers and journalists are encouraged to respond in comments to their articles, and specifically about questions surrounding accuracy, clarity and fairness.

We expose unethical conduct in journalism, both within our own and in external organizations.

Ownership & Funding Info

This site is owned and operated by Busy Pixel Media, a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation, with a headquarters in Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA. It is funded by a variety of methods, but primarily including automated display advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

Any content that is sponsored is clearly marked as such, and we have a strict policy of identifying any content that has been paid for, or products that have been sent to us for free in order to review.