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Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers with Lanyard ($9)

Rust-Free Fishing Pliers on a Lanyard Spring-loaded for ease of use, and bargain priced too! This is an awesome pair of pliers for just $9 - stainless steel so they don't corrode, spring-loaded so they are easy to use with just one hand, and on a coiled...

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Portable Tackle Bag ($30)

10 Pockets with Rod Holder, Water Resistant Frees up Your Hands and Carries the Essentials This is the perfect portable tackle box to take out on your next fishing trip. Strap your rod in so both hands are free, and this rugged bag will keep safe and...

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Product Reviews

Engel Live Bait Cooler Review

Engel has been making coolers, and live bait coolers, for a long time. During that time, they've made small incremental improvements to this already awesome cooler. We admire a brand that continues to make it's products better even after it's known to be at the top of...

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle Review

The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle is a true classic, like the name implies. I've watched my Dad take one of these to and from work every day for many years. It was the original insulated bottle, capable of keeping your coffee hot or your soup warm on a winter day, and...

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Best Spinning Reels Under $100

We always need to ensure we use the right fishing equipment for the right situation. Spinning reels are no different, and $100 gets a very nice fishing reel that you can expect to last for many days of fishing. We need to consider the following factors when making our...

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Mystery Tackle Box Subscription Review

Let me start by introducing Mystery Tackle Box. It's a service that will send a box of fishing lures and baits to your door every month. Once a month, subscribers will find on their doorsteps a box of handpicked, tested, and vetted fishing products. It's kind of like...

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Buck 113 Knife: Best Hunting Knife Value

As hunters we are regularly on the lookout for an all purpose hunting knife that strikes a balance between value and quality. The kind of knife that can field dress game, skinning and boning when needed. A knife with a quality steel edge that will stay sharp longer,...

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Mountainsmith Cooler: Cooloir 12 Review

The Mountainsmith Cooloir 12 soft-sided cooler is aptly named for its ability to hold 12 cans of liquid (aka. 12 liters) with ice and a little room left over for odds and ends. The Cooloir claims to keep drinks cold for up to 72 hours and so we are putting this...

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Latest Articles

Engel Coolers: High Tech Features, Old-School Quality

As the choice of outdoor professionals, Engel has led the introduction of its live bait coolers, developed new rotomolded shells, and have set the standard with cutting features features, and high quality products for over 60 years. Their product list includes hard-...

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Patagonia Offers Gear Trade-Ins

By now, you're all familiar with Patagonia's commitment to the environment and social responsibility. What you might now have heard is that their Worn Wear repair program has been take not the next level with their Gear Trade-In initiative designed to keep gear out of...

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Drunk Threatens Angler for Fishing Lake

Alex Moyer, a fishermen with 35K followers on YouTube shared a video of his interaction with what appears to be a resident of a home surrounding a small private lake. The resident, who identified himself as Franklin, walks over to Alex to discuss his being there. It...

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How to Choose the Best Binoculars for You

Binoculars and other optics are a valuable tool for hunters,, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. Modern optics can be powerful, and vary greatly in quality and intended use. Learn the basics of what to look for in our discussion of How to Choose the Best Binoculars for You....

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Best Bass Lures for Fall Fishing

We share the best bass lures for fall fishing success to ensure you’ll continue to reel in lunkers once the weather begins to chill. The process starts with a walk through the bait aisles of a local outdoor shop, and everything we identify is an off-the-shelf option.

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