Even though they are aesthetically challenged, the lowly catfish are fun to catch and great to eat! Catfishing is fun too with some incredible spots in Pennsylvania to find these bottom dwelling giants. Let’s take a look at some of the best spots to go catfishing in all of Pennsylvania!  

Allegheny Lake or Reservoir 

Stunning scenery in Allegheny Reservoir

Image credit: MaxxPhotoz via shutterstock

This is a massive ‘big fish factory’ is very fertile and productive, a location you are sure to find large schools of catfish eager to bite!  There is even ice fishing that you can do here with many different camping options available as well. The Alleghany offers boat launches and more water activities to choose from. 

Blue Marsh Lake or Reservoir 

This lake offers day-use only but has some incredible catfishing spots just the same. It is located in the east-central post of the state. It is easy to reach from many areas of Pennsylvania and that makes it easy to go fishing for the day. They are several species of catfish available here such as; channel catfish, flathead catfish and white catfish. There are a lot of options for different types of boats and they offer shoreline fishing as well. The only drawback is that it can get pretty busy on the weekends and on holidays, but if you go early, it will still be worth a visit!

Joseph Sayers Reservoir or Bald Eagle Lake

It is set along the side of Bald Eagle Mountain and has some stunning scenery. The lake also has some amazing fishing with incredible pieces of shoreline and plenty of space to boat in. 

It is a warm water fishery and has a lot of catfish among many others. And in winter there is a part of the lake that freezes enough to allow for ice fishing of channel catfish. 

It is a wonderful spot for your next fishing trip. You can bring the entire family, since there is enough scenery for anyone who doesn’t want to fish to also enjoy the trip. 

Lackawanna Lake 

Scenic Lackawanna Lake

Image credit: Bruce Goerlitz Photo via shutterstock

The fishing in this lake is great but the spot offers a complete camping experience. Catfishing is just one of the many attractions for the lake. The lake also has boating, camping, biking, hiking, swimming and then of course, fishing. 

They only allow electric motor boats or un-powered boats. It will allow the quiet environment that makes fishing amazing. The channel catfishing is not only limited to summer months, with ice fishing being really popular here. 

The lake even has a youth pond for the children to start their obsession with fishing from a young age. 

Lake Arthur 

If you want a fishing spot that is more tranquil and a lot quieter, then Lake Arthur might just be the Pennsylvania catfishing lake for you. It has channel catfish and also offers fishing from the shoreline. 

It has a rule of only 20 HP motors for the boats that fish here and that will allow many quiet boats to float on the shore. There are many different species of fish available and is located in the west central part of the states. 

Lake Wallenpaupack 

The shores you can fish from

Image credit: David E English via shutterstock

Another great Pennsylvania lake for channel catfish is Lake Wallenpaupack in the Pocono Mountains. It is a stunning spot with great fishing that will be a dream come true for most anglers. 

This is the perfect spot for a vacation that is combined with a lot of catfishing. It is beautiful and has many locations where you can rent boats. It does also allow for winter fishing. 

If the walls start to feel closed in then outdoorsy people can escape to the lake and have some really good fun. 

Marsh Creek Lake 

In the Southeast corner of the state sits Marsh Creek State Park. And in the heart of the park is Marsh Creek Lake, a 530-acre lake with a lot of great spots for fishing. 

There are a lot of Catfish and other fish in the lake that offer a lot of options. The lake is limited to electric motors and it creates a lot of lovely areas to fish in. It has a long shoreline, so even if you don’t have a boat to fish with, this can be the perfect spot for your next fishing trip in Pennsylvania. 

Catfish Fishing in Pennsylvania

Catfishing is a great experience for anyone to do at least once. In Pennsylvania there are so many different lakes that are perfect to fish in. Even if you are a new angler this will be an incredible experience. 

Take some time and go fishing.