Bass fishing is quickly becoming far and away America’s most popular choice for anglers. Of course, it helps that bass inhabit so much of the continental United States, and are moving into new areas every year. Bass are a predatory fish, which often proves to be their undoing since their predator drive is what pushes them to hit baits. Here’s a list of 10 of the best choices for your next bass fishing adventure. Not every one of them will prove perfect for your particular fishing hole, but some of them are bound to.

Googan Baits Bandito Bug

This guy might look new-fangled, but it’s really just a new twist on the same old rubber worms you’ve been using for years. That being said, it’s a darn good twist and works great if you can more or less mimic a crawling motion with it.

Texas Rigs

This option is basically a big hook with a lead weight on the front. You pick what sort of bait you want to affix. Any of the rubber worm-type combinations specific to your area will work here, or you can stick a real worm on if that suits your fancy. The slim profile of this bait makes it good for weedy fishing holes.

Basskiller Crankbaits

A crankbait is a classic choice for any kind of predatory fish, but the Basskiller brand offers multiple baits, in multiple colors, in packages of three or five. They’re an economical choice to get you started on crankbaits and the perfect way to figure out what works without breaking the bank.

TRUSCEND Segmented Lures

Segmented lures have been around a long time and they work better than ever these days thanks to modern materials. These lures offer a wonderful slithering action when pulled through the water and drive bass absolutely nuts in most cases.

BASSDASH SwimPanfish Jointed Lures

These baits are a twist on the segmented lure idea. Most segmented baits mimic minnows, but these are shaped like sunfish. They’re a great choice if you’re going after bigger bass or just want to see if the citizens of your pond will fall for something colorful. They’re sold six to a pack, with multiple colors, so you get at least one of what will work for you.

BOOYAH Small Water Spinner-Bait

Spinner baits aren’t as popular as they once were with anglers, but the bass are still terribly fond of them. The BOOYAH brand seems to hang together better than some of the others out there and they’re available in a myriad of colors. Why not go with a classic?

G.S YOZOH Frog Lures

These guys are available in four-packs, in multiple colors, and are great for a change of pace. The fake legs on them give good action in the water and the placement of the hooks means they will hardly ever hang up. These are a great choice for pond fishing where the vegetation is heavy.

Geecrack Bellows Gill

This rubbery gizmo looks more like a slinky than a fishing lure, but the action it gives in the water is pretty cool. You’ll have to couple this one with a hook and tackle combination of your choosing, with an eye toward keeping the hook point somewhat concealed to prevent snagging.

Kingforest Spinner Baits

These are a nice option because they come in packs of five, ten, or twenty, with multiple colors and color combinations in every pack. This lets you indulge in a trial-and-error approach when it comes to finding what works in your area. They’re pretty darn affordable, too.

Mepps Black Fury Lures

Is there anything more classic than a Mepps lure? These guys are handy for just about any kind of fishing you might be interested in. If the bass aren’t cooperating, everything from northern pike to walleyes will hit on these, as well. Keeping a pack of these in your tackle box is a choice no angler ever regrets.

Thanks to the increased popularity of bass fishing in recent years, there is an almost endless supply of options on the market right now when it comes to baits. If you like, you can currently purchase a Joe Biden Topwater bait that is a remarkable likeness of the current President. Yes, you can still purchase the Donald Trump Topwater Bait if you feel the need to politically balance your tackle box. You will also have no trouble finding baby duckling baits and any other item a bass might conceivably like to swallow. We truly live in the golden age of bass fishing, and the bait market has grown to meet that need. Good luck, and good fishing.