Taking the proper precautions while preparing for a winter fishing trip can keep you from sustaining cold-weather injuries, like hypothermia. So, stay warm during winter fishing and check out these 27 items. We suggest numerous products, from hand-warming pouches to waterproof gear. Bringing the right equipment will allow you to fish comfortably, and most importantly, help you stay dry.

    Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Hunter's MO-MUFF-BC Handwarmer

    Warms Your Hands and Stores Your Phone

    Mossy oak’s Mo-Muff-BC handwarmer has two wind-resistant compartments to slip your hands into for quick relief from the chilly winter air. Intensify the heat by pairing it with a HotHands pouch to make it nice and toasty. Plus, its additional pockets give you a convenient place for storing small items like your phone, wallet, or fishing license.
    HotHands Hand-warming Pouches

    Keep Your Hands Toasty

    This case of HotHands hand-warming pouches is a great value buy! It includes 54 pairs of hand-warming bags that last for up to 10 hours. Also, they’re easy to use; simply open the packaging, remove the pouch, and give it a little shake to help the air activate it. They’re also odorless, making them perfect for both the fishing and hunting season.
    Goture Ice Fishing Gloves

    Waterproof Gloves with Removable Fingertips

    Goture’s ice fishing gloves feature a windproof and waterproof 3M Thinsulate cotton fabric that’s breathable and comfortable. These gloves don’t compromise your dexterity, and you can tie your fishing line easily with their flip-back design. Also, these gloves have some serious grip. For example, their anti-slip material on the palms will keep you from dropping things on the ice.
    Palmyth Ice Fishing Mittens

    Convertible Mittens for Full Dexterity

    Palmyth’s mittens are sleek, warm, and comfortable. They feature a 3M Thinsulate water-repellant material to keep you warm for up to 20-degrees Fahrenheit. Then, if your hands start to sweat, you can convert these mittens into fingerless gloves.
    Carhartt Force Liner Glove

    A Thin Underlayer for Your Mittens

    Carhartt’s force liner gloves are worn as an additional layer under your mittens for added warmth. The polyester/spandex fabric feels great against your skin and fits nicely on your hands. Also, these gloves feature a silicon pad on the pointer finger so that you can use your phone’s touchscreen without removing them.
    THINDUST Winter Neck Gaiter

    Keep the Wind Off Your Neck

    This winter neck gaiter is made of a comfortable fleece material that’s breathable and windproof. THINDUST designed this gaiter to function for multi-purpose use so that you can stay warm during any of your favorite winter activities. This gaiter is available in multiple colors, from a neutral brown to a beautiful purple.
    Under Armour Balaclava

    Sweat-Wicking Material

    Under Armour’s cold gear technology features a thermo-conductive inner coating that locks in your body heat. However, the material is sweat-wicking and fast-drying in case you overheat and perspire. Then, its 4-way stretch fabric is soft, easy to move in, and keeps the balaclava fitted to your form.
    Carhartt Knit Beanie

    Cozy Hat for Winter Fishing

    This Carhartt beanie features a Thinsulate flex material, providing you with 40g of insulation to keep the cool air off your head. This product is available in multiple colors, from their classic Carhartt brown to beautiful blue spruce.
    StrikerICE Men's Hardwater Jacket

    Warm, Waterproof Jacket for Extreme Weather

    If you’re looking for a heavy-duty overcoat for extreme weather conditions, this StrikerICE jacket is it. Not only will this jacket keep you warm on the ice, but it’s also waterproof with a rating of 5,000 mm. Also, Striker made this jacket with safety precautions, making it buoyant for up to 2 hours if you fall in the water.
    StrikerICE Women’s Prism Jacket

    Functional and Fashionable Fishing Jacket

    Striker also makes extreme weather coats for women! This StrikerICE jacket is warm, waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. Striker’s Prism coat has a waterproof rating of 5,000mm and is also buoyant for up to 2 hours.
    Columbia Men's Watertight II Jacket

    A Light, Waterproof Outer Shell

    If it rains more than it snows in your area, this Columbia jacket is the perfect outer layer for you. The material on this coat is abrasive-resistant, giving it durability, allowing you to trek with it to your secluded fishing spot.
    Diamond Candy Women’s Rain Jacket

    Soft and Lightweight for Rainy Day Fishing

    Diamond Candy’s waterproof shell is excellent for fishing on rainy days, with a waterproof rating of 3000mm. Also, it’s lightweight and easy to pack away if you need to shed some layers. Other features of this coat include a windproof high-density fabric and heavy-duty YKK zippers.
    Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Hoodie

    A Moisture-Wicking Underlayer

    This hoodie is made with soft polyester fabric to give you increased comfort. The material is also lightweight, making this sweatshirt the perfect underlayer for your winter coat. Most importantly, this hoodie wicks sweat to help you stay dry.
    The North Face Women's Eco Ridge Full-Zip Hooded Jacket

    A Warm, Fitted Underlayer

    You can wear this jacket as an underlayer for your heavy winter coat or as a light outer layer for trekking to your fishing spot. The material on this jacket is nice and stretchy and will stay fitted to your form as you move in it. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking!
    Self Pro Men's Thermal Compression Long-Sleeve Shirt

    Thermal Base Layer for Men

    This thermal top is made of high-tech poly-spandex material to wick moisture from your skin and give you full mobility while wearing it. Also, this top not only excels as a winter base layer, but it also protects you from the summer sun, with its 50+ UPF rating.
    BALEAF Women's Thermal Fleece Top

    Thermal Base Layer for Women

    BALEAF’s thermal top is both stylish and functional. It features a fleece-lined thermal fabric to help you stay toasty during the winter season. Also, the sleeves’ thumb holes are convenient and prevent them from riding up when you’re adding more layers.
    Under Armour Men's ColdGear Compression Leggings

    Thermal Leggings for Men

    Under Armour constructed their compression leggings with a polyester/elastane fabric to make them lightweight, stretchy, and warm. These leggings make the perfect underlayer for your waterproof winter pants because they can wick sweat and provide ventilation where you need it.
    Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Compression Leggings

    Thermal Leggings for Women

    These compressions leggings fit well to your form and function phenomenally. These leggings highlight a fast-drying polyester/elastane fabric that’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t chafe. Bundle up this winter with these Under Armour compression pants.
    BenBoy Men's Waterproof Cargo Pants

    Durable, Waterproof, and Windproof Pants

    If you’re looking for a winter shell to keep your legs warm, these BenBoy pants are functional and easy to move in. These pants are insulated with a soft fleece lining and have an abrasive-resistant polyester/spandex outer material. Plus, they have multiple pockets for you to secure small items.
    BenBoy Women's Waterproof Cargo Pants

    Best Waterproof Pants for Women

    One characteristic that will cause me to return a pair of waterproof pants to the rack immediately is if they’re noisy. Luckily, these Benboy pants are quiet, so you can enter the woods undetected, making them a great contender for hunting and fishing pants. Also, they feature a polyester/spandex fabric that is both windproof and long-lasting.
    Frabill I-3 High-Performance Winter Bib

    Winter Bibs for Ice Fishing

    Frabill’s bibs feature a 300D Nylon Taslan shell with 150g 3M Thinsulate insulation to make them windproof, waterproof, and breathable. They also fit well and stretch to your form so that you can move freely as you fish.
    Simms Tributary Stockingfoot Chest Waders

    Best for Cold Water Wading

    Simms’ all-season chest wader is waterproof, durable, breathable, comfortable, and gives you full mobility while walking and fishing. Also, they’re heavy-duty with a 3-layered torso and 4-layered bottoms. Other features include fleece-lined pockets, accessory points for fly fishing, neoprene stocking feet, and a 38mm nylon waist belt.
    Men’s Mid-Height Arctic Ice Muck Boots

    Extreme Weather Neoprene Fishing Boots for Men

    If you’re looking for winter fishing boots with excellent traction, these Muck Boots are it. They feature a flexible 5mm neoprene material rated from -40-degrees Fahrenheit to 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, these boots are waterproof and give you traction on wet ice.
    Women’s Tall Arctic Ice Muck Boots

    Neoprene Fishing Boots for Women

    These Muck Boots are fantastic with a cushiony innersole and a high-traction outsole for trekking in even unfavorable weather conditions. Also, their 5mm neoprene material protects your feet from harsh weather, rated for -20-degrees Fahrenheit to 50-degrees Fahrenheit.
    Smartwool Men’s Merino Wool Socks

    High-Performance Wool Socks for Men

    We highly recommend packing an extra pair of socks for a winter fishing trip, so your feet remain warm and dry. Your head, hands, and feet are always the first to freeze, which is why we recommend these Smartwool socks. They’re durable, comfortable, well ventilated, and cushiony.
    Smartwool Women’s Merino Wool Socks

    High-Performance Wool Socks for Women

    Hike comfortably to your fishing spot in the wintertime with these Smartwool socks. They provide a cushiony layer to your feet, and they keep your toes cozy. Plus, they’re breathable, wick moisture, and contain eco-friendly recycled materials.
    Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

    Must-Have Wintertime First-Aid Item

    Last but most importantly, you should always carry an emergency thermal blanket. This Swiss Safe emergency mylar thermal blanket can help prevent yourself or others from getting hypothermia. These blankets can save a life with their waterproof, windproof, moisture-proof, and body heat retention abilities.

All of these items may seem like a lot to some. However, you should infer from this list the importance of layering up during a wintertime fish. For example, you should always wear a nice base layer under your clothes, like this thermal compression shirt by Self Pro. Its moisture-wicking ability makes it a comfortable underlayer to wear.

Then, we recommend wearing a lightweight hoodie like this Under Armour one over your base layer. This hooded jacket has a soft polyester fabric to give you an added layer of warmth and comfort.

Lastly, in freezing weather conditions, you need to protect yourself with a durable shell jacket. We prefer these StrikerICE extreme weather coats for their high water and windproof ratings and self-saving functions.

If you have any questions about what winter gear to bring on your next fishing trip, please let us know in the comments below. Or, if your fishing buddy is about to embark on a winter trip, help them prepare by sharing this article.