Let’s be real, Alaska’s the place to be if you’re a fisherman, with over 9,000 rivers and streams and more than 3,000 lakes, they’re some real prizes to be caught down there. Considering the fact that many people come to fish for some of that amazing salmon Alaska has, they decided to make some pretty tight rules, but they do have some exceptions regarding the price of their licenses, which can all be found in this article.

Alaska Fishing Regulations

The State of Alaska makes fishing rules and regulations really complex, splitting things into four regions (north, southwest, southeast, and southcentral), so this is one state you’ll really want to read thru the regulations in fine detail. We’ll cover the general regulations that apply to all four regions. That would be these:

  • You may not barter or trade your fish with other people (when fishing for sport or personal use)
  • You may not sell your fish (when fishing for sport or personal use)
  • You may not use dipnets, seine nets, or gillnets when fishing for sport

Fishing License Period

Alaska fishing licenses are available as:

  • Daily fishing licenses
  • Annual fishing licenses
  • Lifetime fishing licenses

Extra Licensing Fees

Anyone sportfishing in Alaska for anadromous king salmon are required to buy a King Salmon Stamp.

Free or Reduced Fee Alaska Fishing Licenses

The State of Alaska offers free fishing licenses or reduced fishing licenses for :

  • Alaska residents 60 years of age or older
  • Alaska residents who are blind
  • Alaska residents with  low income
  • Alaska residents who are a disabled Veteran

Alaska Fishing Licenses Are NOT Required For

If you fall into any of the below categories you’re in luck, because you aren’t required to have a fishing license:

  • Alaska residents under the age of 18 (they are required to have a harvest record card)
  • Non-residents under the age of 16 (they are required to have a harvest record card)

Buy an Alaska Fishing License