New Hampshire is the perfect place for a fishing trip, and if you’re a New Hampshire resident it’s because you love to fish. With almost 2,000 rivers and streams and nearly 1,000 lakes, New Hampshire isn’t short of aquatic life, however with all the aquatic life we love to catch and eat, there’s a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed. If you don’t want to pay a hefty fine for breaking any of these rules or regulations I suggest reading this article.

New Hampshire Fishing Regulations

The State of New Hampshire states:

  • Snagging fish in freshwaters is illegal, if accidental it must be immediately released to the water
  • No fish may be taken when using a set line in freshwater
  • You may not exceed daily bag limits
  • Its illegal to take or attempt to take fish after filling the daily bag limit for that species of fish
  • Its illegal for anyone to have live lake trout, landlocked salmon, brook trout, black bass, northern pike, or black crappie in their possession
  • Release of fish in waters other than where caught is illegal
  • The water surrounding any dam containing a fishway is closed to fishing
  • Using alewives, carp, or goldfish as live bait while fishing is illegal
  • Using shad or whitefish as bait for cusk is illegal
  • Except as otherwise specifically permitted, you may not use or have in possession a set line, net, fishing otter, trawl, grapple, spear, jack, jack light, poisons, explosives, or electrical device or any other device for killing or stunning fish
  • Using lead sinkers and jigs weighing 1 ounce or less, regardless of length, is illegal in all fresh water
  • You may not tag, brand, fin-clip, or otherwise mark any fish before releasing it unless you have written permission from NH Fish and Game

Fishing License Period

New Hampshire fishing licenses are available as:

  • Daily fishing licenses
  • Annual fishing licenses
  • Lifetime fishing licenses

Free or Reduced Fee New Hampshire Fishing Licenses

The State of New Hampshire offers free fishing licenses or reduced fishing licenses for :

  • Military personnel on regular active duty
  • Any residents or non-residents 68 years of age or older

New Hampshire Fishing Licenses Are NOT Required For

If you fall into any of the below categories you’re in luck, because you aren’t required to have a fishing license:

  • Resident or nonresidents under 16 years of age

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