Aerobait Bait Saver Bucket

Aerators, & Fish Lights

The Aerobait Bait Saver Bucket will summon all the best fish!

This seven-quart, self-contained unit combines aeration and insulation to prolong the life and liveliness of fresh- or saltwater live bait. The Aerobait system will keep live bait in top shape under the toughest conditions, saving you money and providing superior bait presentations. The sturdy polypropylene construction is durable and will stand up to harsh fishing conditions. Other features include a check valve to prevent backwash into the air pump and a recessed on-off switch which allows intermittent operation. The heavy-duty electric motor is powered by one D-cell battery. Sixty hours run time. Size: 12-1/2"H x 10-1/4"Dia.

Prices from $36.99

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