Baitfish-Image Walleye Spinner - Single Hook

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The Baitfish-Image Walleye Spinner - Single Hook are an important ingredient in every tackle box. The unmatched and inventive design will reliably charm the perfect fish.

Holographic eyes, gills and scales give these high-flash spinners a lifelike look. Blades and beads produce strike-triggering sound and vibration. Red Lip-Stick hooks add visual enticement to the presentation. Snelled Trilene XT leaders are tough and reliable.Outfitted with a single minnow or leech hook for versatile presentations. Per 3. Colors: (002)Gold Shiner, (003)Silver Shiner, (005)Rainbow Chub, (006)Sunfish, (007)Sunrise, (009)Gold Perch, (010)Clown.

Prices from $5.79