Wally Pop Spinner Rig

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The Mack's Wally Pop Spinner Rig are a must have addition to every tackle box. The unmatched and clever design will reliably capture your target fish.

Unlike other spinners that sometimes float too high or drag along the bottom, the Wally Pop has tuned intermediate buoyancy which rides level behind a bottom bouncer and spends more time in the strike zone. And the Smile Blade produces optimum action under 1-1/2 mph. Surgical tubing protects your line from the teeth of large walleyes. 3" between hooks. Per each. Available: Size 2 hooks, Size 4 hooks. Colors: (053)Green Sparkle, (054)Red Tiger, (058)Chartreuse Sparkle, (066)Silver Sparkle, (511)Chartreuse Tiger, (701)Orange Tiger.

Prices from $3.29