Nitro Gravy Attractant Trout

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Better the temptation of any fish bait with the enchanting aroma of Eagle Claw Nitro Gravy Attractant Trout.

Even the wariest, wildest trout cannot resist a sniff of Nitro Trout Gravy. Crave has developed a formula that combines the twin enticements of food and reproduction to provoke trout to hammer your lure or bait rig. Nitro's secret ingredients include real food-based products and SEXattract, a proprietary formula that stimulates the sex drive of fish. Extra strong and long-lasting, Nitro Gravy formula and its blended fish-oil attractants also effectively mask human scent. It can be applied to live bait, roe, cut, cheese and dough baits. Or squeeze it on jigs, lures, spinners, flies, plastic worms, nightcrawlers or meal worms. Size: 2-oz. bottle. Available: Garlic, Corn, Natural.

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