Pro Troll EChip Kit

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Better the enticement of every fish bait with the enticing odor of Pro Troll EChip Kit.

Electro-Location is the primary method fish use to determine what and where to strike. The EChip mounted in lures and bait is scientifically and field-proven to attract more and bigger fish. The EChip is a small tube that encases a ball and proprietary microchip crystal. The rocking of the ball agitates the microchip and it gives off a tiny electrical pulse. The EChip duplicates the electrical nerve discharge of a wounded baitfish. This discharge is detected by predator fish and they will attack. The EChip never needs charging or batteries and it doesn't wear out. EChip kits allow the EChip to be attached to any lure or attractor. The hardware is included for mounting on leaders, wires, hooks, spoons, jigs or flat surfaces. The small 1/2" EChips are for small lures and the large 3/4" EChips are for large lures. Each kit has complete instructions. Available: Small Three Pack. Large Three Pack.

Prices from $15.99