Shaky Jighead

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The Bagley Shaky Jighead are an indispensable accessory in every tackle box. The incomparable and sophisticated design will dependably take in the fish you want.

Built to maximize your control of the action and increase direct contact with the bait. The innovative flat spot allows you to twitch the jig and gyrate the finesse worm. Plus, it holds the hook shank at the optimum 45° angle for more solid, consistent hooksets and fewer snags. A cone-shaped stopper on the shank makes it almost impossible to force a finesse worm off, no matter how hard you cast. Sizes: 1/16 oz. 2/0, 1/8 oz. 2/0. (Per 6) Sizes: 3/16 oz. 3/0, 1/4 oz. 3/0 and 3/8 oz. 4/0. (Per 5) Colors: (003)Black, (011)Unpainted, (063)Pumpkin Seed, (443)Brown.

Prices from $3.49

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