Football Jig

Bass Jigs

The Company Football Jig are a crucial accessory in every tackle box. The unmatched and modern design will dependably bewitch the fish you desire.

Thanks to the fiber weedguard, the football jig can be pulled through heavy cover such as trees, brush and big rocks without snagging. The concave head creates a rocking movement that allows the jig to roll over limbs of trees, staying in the strike zone longer. The head is painted with a tough, chip-resistant powder coat finish. Built on a custom Mustad hook. Per 2. Sizes: 1/2 oz. (N/A 101), 5/8 oz. (N/A 735). Colors: (101)Brown Craw, (721)Green Gourd Orange, (723)Green Pumpkin/Green Flash, (724)Brown/Purple Flash (725)Black/Blue Flash, (732)Peanut Butter and Jelly, (733)Missouri Craw, (735)Texas Craw.

Prices from $5.99 to $6.99