Musky Chatterbait

Blade Baits

The catch of the year won't evade you this time! The Musky Innovations Musky Chatterbait Blade Baits is an unparalleled lure which will give you the advantage to improve your grab rates whether you're a freshman or advanced fisher.

Don't let the simple looks of this bait fool you - it can do more than most other baits combined. The Chatterbait has the profile of a jig, the flash of a spinnerbait and more vibration than many crankbaits. All this action is sure to trigger a big predator fish's lateral line sense as it searches out this bait. The increased vibration of the Chatterbait also means that fish can find this bait no matter what type of water conditions you're fishing. Per each. Size: 11", 2.5 oz. Colors: (002)Silver/White, (003)Firetiger, (005)Orange/Black, (006)Chartreuse/Black.

Prices from $16.99

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