Core 100MG Casting Reels

Casting Reels

It's no fun to let an inferior reel mess up your outing. enjoy angling continuously with no problems using the great quality Core 100MG Casting Reel Casting Reels reel by Shimano.

Light and reliable. That's the thought behind all the features built into the Core 100MG Casting Reel. The frame and sideplates are made of ultralightweight magnesium while the Magnumlite spool design is A7075 aluminum. Variable Braking System for greater casting control. The drive gear is made of aluminum. Even the cold-forged aluminum handle shank has been drilled to lighten it up. The cold-forged star drag controls the Dartainium Drag system with a click drag adjustment. Recessed reel foot and minimal thumbrest design gives a low profile to the rod handle. All bearings are shielded S A-RB including an A-RB roller bearing. Aluminum, rubber-shielded cast-control knob, High-Efficiency Gearing, Super Stopper and Super Free all help control the cast while minimizing backlash. Taperd Ti levelwind insert prevents damage to lines while guiding it evenly onto the spool. Septon paddle-style handle grips. The 100MGFV is designed for flipping and pitching. It incorporates Instagage II, which utilizes a one-piece thumb bar to put the reel into gear without having to turn the handle and provides easy access to the spool for line control. This feature allows anglers to keep their casting hand in constant contact with the reel and rod, increasing their ability to detect bites on the lure's initial fall.

Prices from $349.99 to $379.99