Little Wolf Spoon

Casting & Trolling Spoons

The best fish will practically jump into your boat this time! The Mepps Little Wolf Spoon Casting & Trolling Spoons is a one-of-a-kind fish catching tool which will give you the advantage to increase your capture rates whether you're a novice or skilled fisherman.

Anglers who love casting spoons, will appreciate these vibrant colors in a rugged, solid brass spoon that won't rust or tarnish over time. The silver plating generates white flash after white flash. Razor sharp hooks with high-visibility strike-attractor tubes. Per each. Sizes: 1-1/4", 1/8 oz. 1-5/8", 1/4 oz. 2", 2/5 oz. Colors: (001)Gold, (002)Gold Hot Orange, (003)Hot Fire Tiger, (004)Rainbow Trout, (005)Silver, (006)Silver/Blue.

Prices from $2.79 to $19.99