36-Piece Best-of-Alaska Fly Assortment

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Whether you might be a novice or adept fly angler, you will want to make the Cabela's 36-Piece Best-of-Alaska Fly Assortment part of your every day fly angling gear.

Wetting a line in Alaska is every fisherman's dream. For what may be the fishing experience of a lifetime, you want to be well-prepared. Here are 36 of the best flies to try if your dream comes true and you find yourself heading to the rivers and streams of America's northern frontier. Includes three each of: Glo Bug-Salmon Egg (#10), Sheila Sculpin (#8), Lady Flesh Fly (#6), Starlite Leech-Pink and Purple (#1), Popsicle (#1/0), Voodoo Leech-Black (#2), Candy Cane (#2/0), Lady Flesh Fly Articulated-Orange/Tan (#4) and BH Rubber Leg Cotton Candy (#2/0). Includes two each of: Hair Mouse (#2/0), Pink Pollywog (#2) and Egg Sucking Articulated Leech (#2). Available: Assortment only Assortment with Box

Prices from $79.99 to $84.99

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