Quiet Blind Heater/Cooker

Ice Fishing Heaters

You won't even sense the arctic weather when you've got the Cabela's Quiet Blind Heater and Cooker – it makes ice fishing fun and simple!

A human whisper from 5 feet away produces 20 decibels. This extremely quiet, durable and compact blind heater produces only 16.5 decibels, about 30% less than that of a standard propane heater, so you can hear the whistling of wings, approaching game and shots in the distance. It generates 11,000 BTUs and can be used as a space heater or as a stove for a coffee pot or for cooking up a midmorning snack. It has a piezo electronic ignitor, and it can run up to 1 hour, 45 minutes on a 1-pound propane cylinder. Or, it can be used with bulk tanks with optional hose assemblies. It will run 36 hours on a 20-pound tank. Size: 16"H x 10"W x 9-1/2"D.

Prices from $64.99