Performance Ice Fuse Metered Tip-Up Ice Braid

Ice Fishing Line

You won't worry about the cold weather when you have the Sufix Performance Ice Fuse Metered Tip-Up Ice Braid – it makes ice fishing pleasureable and uncomplicated!

Arm your tip-up with line that won't let you down in extreme cold and helps you put bait precisely where fish are suspending. This metered line changes color every five feet so you'll know exactly how deep down to put your bait. A thermally fused ice-fishing line, it's made of hydrophobic 100% Dyneema fiber to resist freezing and keep it supple. With virtually zero stretch, the line is highly sensitive and will telegraph even light hits to your tip-up. Its superior tensile and knot strength will help you pull big fish through the ice. Available: 15 lb., 20 lb. and 30 lb. Color: Multi.

Prices from $6.99