Optimum Bait Line Thru 5"

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The catch of the year will take the bait this time! The Optimum Bait 5" Line Thru Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is a unique fish catching tool which will assist you to improve your catch rates whether you're a beginner or skillful fisher.

Designed to fish with a moderate to fast retrieve, this lure has an irresistible tight body roll and pulsating tail kick. Perfect for probing the shallows or dragging the depths. Made with non-Phthalate plastic. Per each. Size: 5". Colors: (521)Ayu, (558)Goby, (551)Golden Shiner, (501)Rainbow, (555)Sexy Chartreuse Shad, (505)Sunfish, (556)Table Rock Shad.

Prices from $7.99

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