Magic Swimmer Soft

Salt Water Tackle Unrigged Plastic Swim Baits Unrigged Plastic Swim Baits

Opt for only exceptional saltwater gear like the Magic Swimmer Soft by Sebile and make sure your outing out fishing is lots of fun.

Jointed soft-plastic bait swims like the original Magic Swimmer and provides weedless performance. Hand-painted color finishes and intricate detail. Rigging is easy with molded hook holes. Includes three Soft Swimmers, one premium hook and six tungsten weights to adjust fall rate. Per 3. Size: 5-1/8", 3/4 oz. - Per 3 4", 3/8 oz. - Per 4 Colors: (020)Natural Shiner, (080)Holo Greenie, (200)Blue Back Herring, (205)Ghostescent, (210)Bluegill, (215)Electric Rainbow.

Prices from $14.99 to $15.99