WildEye Kickin' Goby

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The behemoth will just beg you to catch it this time! The Storm WildEye Kickin' Goby Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is a unique fish bait which will assist you to better your hook-up rates whether you're a newbie or proficient angler.

Proven effective in tournaments acAmerica, the humble goby is quickly becoming a go-to bait for anglers because bass can't get enough of them. It has a segmented soft-plastic body with a kicking tail for lifelike swimming with a naturally smooth action. A single hook on its back enables snag-free bottom-running. Holographic inserts and true-to-life WildEye for a motion-triggered cascading flash that peaks the interest of hungry predators. Durable polycarbonate lip. Per each. Size: 4", 1 oz. Running depth: 4-8 ft. Color: Natural.

Prices from $4.99

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