Advanced Angler Proof Tackle Bags with Boxes

Tackle Bags

Never allow your angling equipment get chaotic. The Advanced Angler Proof Tackle Bags with Box by Cabela's will keep your fishing tackle in order and close at hand.

Keep your lures and gear protected from the roughest weather and conditions while out on the water. Our Proof Tackle Bags are made to be even tougher than the elements you'll be facing when the weather takes a serious turn for the worse. The heavy-duty tarpaulin construction repels water to keep your fishing equipment nice and dry. The hard plastic bottom withstands soaking to prevent any water from seeping in the bottom. All bags have a front exterior pocket and a rear exterior mesh pocket for any items that you want to have close at hand. Imported. Color: Green. Available: Large Bag (12" x 9" x 11-1/2") with five 3600-series boxes X-Large Bag (17-1/2" x 10" x 15") with nine 3700-series boxes Super Mag Bag (23-1/2" x 14" x 12") with 12 3700-series boxes. Due to limited quantities, current stock will be checked when you add an item to your basket.

Prices from $79.99

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