Although Arizona is known to be  one of the drier states, you would be surprised with the amount of fishing opportunities Arizona has to offer. We’re talking about more than 2,000 rivers and streams presenting some good angling opportunities. Read on to understand Arizona’s fishing licenses and regulations as they relate to trout, and more.

Arizona Fishing Regulations

The State of Arizona states:

  • You may not use more than two lines allowed to be used at the same time
  • You may not exceed two hooks, by one line and one artificial lure, which may have attached more than one hook, or by one line and not to exceed two artificial flies or lures
  • Fishing lines must always be closely attended and in immediate control
  • Live bait may be taken by minnow trap, dip net, cast net, pole and line, handline, crayfish net or seine
  • Unlicensed children under the age of 10 and unlicensed blind residents can have their own separate daily bag limits for each species, and may also use two poles

Fishing License Period

Arizona fishing licenses are available as:

  • Daily fishing licenses
  • Annual fishing licenses
  • 3-Year fishing licenses
  • Lifetime fishing licenses

Extra Licensing Fees

If you would like to fish for trout Arizona has this privilege included in the general license.

Free or Reduced Fee Arizona Fishing Licenses

The State of Arizona offers free fishing licenses or reduced fishing licenses for:

  • Residents 70 years old or older
  • 100% service-disabled veterans
  • High achieving Boy Scouts
  • High achieving Girl Scouts

Arizona Fishing Licenses Are NOT Required For

Fishing license are not required in the State of Arizona for:

  • Anyone under the age of 10
  • Anyone who is legally blind

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